Child Labour

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I was having breakfast today morning n realised that ppl working in our mess were actually children less than 14 yrs of age.
I cannot complain to anyone coz if i did that n some strict action is taken n they are removed from there jobs, then there family goes hungry.
At a time were they should be studying they are workin to support there family.
This was one place where i saw children working n i know there are many more places like his in and around us..
Wat can we do to stop child labour??

Submitted by amitsedai on Sat, 02-Jun-2007 - 13:07


Bangalore- almost every shop you go you are definitely going to see child labour. I really wonder if there is any way to bring to an end this evil. Possible ways are discouraging child labour by not buying from the shop that promotes this. But this too has its complications from the above said reasons. Main reason is poverty which they fight to meet both ends. Parents who hesitatingly send their children to work to support their family. Maybe one day each one of us can take an initiative to upbring atleast one child in distress and make his life better

Submitted by lalithgparmar on Sat, 02-Jun-2007 - 13:43


The ROOT Cause to child labour is illetracy.Most of the people in send thier children to work when their age is mere 8 or 9!!!!!.They are not educated enough and hence dont know the importance of education.Yes Poverty is an issue but what can we do to curb it?? I believe we should encourage the people in the villages by telling them to send their childrens to school and explain to them the pimportance of education.This can be done by portraying some role models who have come from poverty and achieved wonders. The important factor is EDUCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know your views on the same. Regards Lalith Parmar Vande Mataram For Blood Call 1062

Submitted by Jayesh on Mon, 04-Jun-2007 - 11:42


I have seen similar kind of situation in my second year of engineering when a child of age nearly 12(Dont remember the name) use to come near hostel every evening to sell PANI PURI. While having puri i asked him about his life and about his education and come to know that he was doing his studies in Lucknow, where his parent live, but he was pull out of school just to save few rupee by one of his relative(Mama) and brought to Bangalore. I talk with his relative and explain him the importance of his child study than saving money. Firstly he refuse to talk and meet me. But i keep contacting him and finally one day we meet and discussion start and it took many talk and discussion after which he agree to send the child back to his parent. The complete process took nearly two and half month. Till date i have not seen the child near hostel and collage so i hope the child is in right place. Just a personal experience, hope this might helpful for discussion.