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These are issues of national Pride Honour and Importance!

One With Bhopal! Things that we can do!

Submitted by rajat on

Please share your views and feelings about the Bhopal Gas Disaster and the sufferings of the victims of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. Express what you felt during the programme One With Bhopal. Please join in to share your feelings and the sense of solidarity that you have for the victims of this worst Industrial Disaster of all times.

How relevant are the ideas of the revoluntionary martyrs?

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Shaheed Back Card

It is 77 years since Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev gave away their lives for a free India. These, and millions of others did not think once before sacrificing everything for the freedom they dreamt of.

"Unless the exploitation of man by man and of nations by nations is brought to an end, sufferings and carnage with which humanity is threatened today cannot be prevented."

How relevant do you think our their ideas in the present times?

Child Labour

Submitted by chayan on

I was having breakfast today morning n realised that ppl working in our mess were actually children less than 14 yrs of age.
I cannot complain to anyone coz if i did that n some strict action is taken n they are removed from there jobs, then there family goes hungry.
At a time were they should be studying they are workin to support there family.
This was one place where i saw children working n i know there are many more places like his in and around us..
Wat can we do to stop child labour??

Spreading Awareness on Organ Donation

Submitted by lalithgparmar on

As most of us know that donating your organs at the time of your death is a great Social Service.It might give vision to the blind and might save somebody's life. There are many people who want to donate but are unaware of the procedure to follow,whom to approach and what to do?.If we can spread an awareness on the same and provide the necessary information it would be a great service to the society. I request you all to accumulate information on this and post it.