Abhivyakti - The Annual Sankalp Magazine

Abhivyakti means "manifestation of the self" or expressing one's ideas and opinions. Abhivyakti means expression.

We chose this name for the Sankalp Annual Magazine. A collection of articles from donors, volunteers and well wishers, this magazine tries to encapsulate entire Sankalp in a few pages.

Many of us observed that it is very difficult for people who are not actively participating to stay tuned to the music of Sankalp. Thus this magazine has been designed as a magic potion to expose the world of Sankalp to you.

Abhivyakti 2010 - Download the Magazine Here

Abhivyakti 2008 - Download the Magazine Here

Abhivyakti 2007 - Download the Magazine Here

Vande Mataram!

Sankalp Unit


Submitted by Jayesh on Tue, 12-Jun-2007 - 18:34


I would be nice if you attach a PDF of book here so if any one want can get the print and get the book.