Mission Siachen

Siachen: The Frozen Hell

Location: Eastern Karakoram Range in the Himalayas.
Altitude:6000 meters
Temperature: Around –50*C
"For a soldier, this is where hell freezes over, a 46-mile river of slow-moving ice surrounded by stupendous towers of snow. Temperatures swoon to 50 below, and sudden blizzards can bury field artillery in minutes. Men sleep in ice caves or igloos and breathe air so spare of oxygen that it sends their hearts into a mad gallop. Fainting spells and pounding headaches are frequent. They are prepared to battle on the roof of the world forever." While we prosper and grow in the safety and comforts of cities, there are some men who brave the worst conditions on the planet to keep our land safe. Guarding our land even at the cost of their life, there is a little appreciation they ever receive for the great task that they do for our Nation. Gross apathy and disregard from the masses is all they get from the country of a billion people they guard.

The Plan: Postcards to say we care

We the Volunteers of Sankalp® have planned to tell them that we care and send them a token of our love and appreciation by sending them some handmade postcards. We plan to prepare as many postcards as we can (planning one postcard for each soldier there) and send it to them so that they receive the message right in time for the Republic Day 2008. From what we understand, there are about 4000 soldiers posted at Siachen. Our target is to have a personal message for each one of them. We chose to send postcards for multiple reasons. From security point of view, a postcard would be the safest way to communicate. Secondly, we want the people who really feel for the soldiers to make the postcard by their own hands using their own creativity. This will make sure that there is no room for artificial emotions. Postcard is also something that they can keep individually. We can have each one of them receiving a special personalized message.

"I don't know if this is war. But it's definitely hell."

Join In - Express your appreciation

Please take this opportunity to show the soldiers in Siachen that we care for them and we value the great service they are doing. Please take postcards from us express your feelings on them. You may also wish to take this ahead to your friends and other acquaintances. To bring you closer to Siachen, we are including some information resources inside. Please go through them and join in!


Submitted by Jayesh on Sun, 09-Dec-2007 - 16:51


Can you please add the letter sent to Army for Project Siachen. I was talking to Chennai Volunteer regarding this and sent this link for more information.

I salute each one of my soldier brothers in saichen...The true love for you guys comes when we feel you in us..as one among our family ..who dare to fight for us..I ensure my full support to u guys overthere..Wish u people a MerrY ChrisTmaS and HappY NeW YeaR... Jai Hind.. Vande Matharam.. regards, Tejesh

Today I am able to write this message and live with full freedom here in my home just because of your sacrifices. Under such extreme conditions where a person like me cannot breathe,you are guarding Siachen without worrying about your family and friends. Well you all will always remain deep inside my heart. Your sacrifice to this country is invaluable. I do not have any words to express my feelings. You are the great among the greatest. May God bless you and your family!!!! Bharat Mata Ki –Jai Vande Mataram

Hi to all our great Indian brothers. Am feeling glad to get an opportunity to wish all my brothers over there in the border and protecting the rest of our brothers and sisters day and night. Thanks a lot to all of by loving brothers for all we have here to live safely and securely. JAI HIND

hi everyone i have come to know of this site through 93.5FM,the next moment i have logged on to post down my message to our caring soldiers. We the people are safe at hand because of you people at the borders fighting for us, sacrificing your valuable lives to our mother Country. i once again salute to you people on behalf of our country citizens and may you remember that we pray for you and be thankful to u throught out our life. With Love Subhashini V

India is on the Right path to development. The economy is growing and we are becoming more prosperous. Amongst the many reasons for this remarkable growth, is the stability of the Indian Borders. We owe a lot to the heroes who make sure that our borders are patroled day and night, be it Diwali,Eid, Christmas or Gurupurab. I salute all these selfless warriors as they guide my future to a better tomorrow by toiling there today in those rugged terrains.

Jai Hind

God Bless