Project Tiranga

When it comes to direct action for the sake of the nation and its interests, we call it Project Tiranga. Its an attempt to bring in participation of people in National Festivals, prevent disrespect to the National Flag and ensure that the Martyrs are not forgotten.

Started around Independence day 2004, this Project has slowly increased in operational ares. We spread awareness and ask for participation.

We want to see the things that symbolize National Pride to be placed with high dignity. They are tokens that keep the sentiments going..

Please read on to find out more about the people and activities so far..

Sankalp Unit


Submitted by Nakul (not verified) on Fri, 03-Oct-2008 - 09:55


Can you make our nation flag only with three colours? If not is not are don't know how to count? Are Indians have colour blindness? Are we not respecting our national flag by calling it as TIRANGA which is really made up off four colours Orange, White, Green and central wheel of BLUE?

Hi Nakul,

We really appreciate your sensitivity towards the National Flag and your interest in getting the right information about it delivered to people. But there is another side to this that I will like to share.

Since Independence, Indians have referred to the National Flad as Tiranga(ti - from teen in Hindi ; rang - colour in Hindi). There has been no discussion on it being Chouranga to signify it as 4 coloured flag. While referring to the Tiranga as such, no one has forgotten nor has the intention to undermine the Ashoke Chakra. Being keen about our national Flag and it's significance I am sure you will admit that there were particular reasons and I must say strong ones, to choose the 3 colours of the flag. Blue was not chosen for it's value as such. It was chosen to colour the Chakra, the symbol that was important. The national Flag conveys a message using the Three Colours and the Chakra. It does not convey any message by the blue colour itself. And hence the nation found it appropriate to call the flag the Tiranga.

Moreover, as understood by you and me, it is our National Flag - a symbol of pride for our nation. There is no reason why we should indulge in petty technical arguments about it. Not-withstanding the colours, or the blindness of the people seeing them, the word Tiranga in itself stands for Honour, Pride and signifies Our Motherland.

Hope it answers your question!

Thanks, Rajat

Hi Rajat,

Thanks or the explanation.


Nakul wanted to highlight the fact that the color should be called saffron instead of orange.