September 2010: Steering clear of the troubled times..


There were tense moments during the time of Ayodhya Verdict. But during the verdict and the other time during the month, nothing stopped Sankalp from working towards the Goals. Here is what the Organization or rather all the wings in the organization have been workign upon to push Sankalp as a whole, a step closer to its dream!!

Rakta Kranti Schools

The Rakta Kranti Schools team is back in action again, educating and enlightening students about the flavor and need to become blood donors. After a mini hiatus, the team has planned some new strategies where they can now execute the program with only one volunteer in action for a period of 1-3 hours. With this, the scope of covering more students has vastly increased. In the month of September alone, 454 students were covered in 4 schools across Bangalore. Now the plan is to perform programs across schools in Bangalore and keep this a year long project, rather than one that is performed only during student volunteers' free time. And plans look to be well in place for the coming month too, with over 20 schools already visited for permissions, the stage is set for all school going students of Bangalore to be aware about blood donation!

Rakta Kranti Karnataka

The Rakta Kranti Karnataka team spent a lot of effort in the month of September working out plans for blood donation drives. Consequently blood donation drives @ Kolar, Davangere, Belgaum, Hubli and Raichur will become a reality in the next 2 months. Also the team is working in close sync with the Emergency team to schedule blood donor registration drives in districts across Karnataka.

Emergency Wing

The Sankalp Emergency Wing had a relatively calmer month, with about 20-40 requests reaching their cellphones. This is in stark contrast to the 50-80 emergency blood requests in the months of July and August, where Dengue had taken it's toll on the city. So the volunteers of the emergency wing can now look back at some of the critical things that they learnt and use the knowledge when dengue hits back again in the next year. The Emergency team volunteers are also going all out to reach out to blood donors across the state and register them as a part of the Sankalp emergency blood donor database. One team of volunteers synced up with the Rakta Kranti Karnataka team to conduct one such drive @ Bellary Institute Of technology and management, Bellary. It is an engineering and management college with more than 1500 students studying in them. The vice principal of the college, Prof Prithviraj, extended great support to the Sankalp volunteers team. The team was able to register about 400 donors interested to donate blood in an emergency. This adds immense strength in Sankalp's efforts to mobilize blood in emergencies in a tough location like Bellary.

Admin & Finance

Sankalp is a registered NGO in Karnataka under the Societies Registration Act. This means the organisation has a formal decision making body, with members being elected to the same. A set of meetings occur every year to comply with the rules laid down for registered NGOs. A complete report of these meetings along with the yearly balance sheet and a detailed report of the activities carried out by the organisation in the previous year need to be submitted to the registration office. Similar documents need to be submitted to the Income tax department, as Sankalp maintains a clean financial record with detailed income and expenditure statements. The Admin and Finance teams spent the month of September working on these topics and keeping Sankalp officially clean :)


The resources team is another internal team that caters to keep the organisations teams working. The team mobilizes resources for all Sanaklp events, be it blood donation drives, school programs, team red trainings, emergency registration drives, Disha publicity drives, disaster response, Tiranga activities and so on to name a few. The team conducted an internal audit of all resources and built a complete record of available stocks to enable teams to revisit their yearly plans and request for more resources to be procured if needed.