Sankalp Disaster Relief Partner Program

Sankalp India Foundation is happy to announce it's much awaited "Disaster Relief Partner Program". First of it's kind in the country, this Program lays the roadmap for better disaster response planning. In the event of a future disaster, the collaborations that will result from this Program will enusre that relief reaches the needy at the earliest hour when the need for the same is the most. Sankalp India Foundation takes great pleasure in announcing the Disaster Relief Partner Program.


Sankalp Disaster Mitigation and Management wing was born with the intent to ensure that the organisation can provide relief to the victims of the disasters at the fastest possible pace and in the best possible way.

After the review of the work done during Karnataka Floods the organisation decided to limit it's participation to the very early phase after the disaster strikes - the Response Phase. In our country there is minimalistic response from the community in the response phase. The world is just beginning to acknowledge the magnitude of the disaster and is waking up to respond. By the time the mobilisation occurs, it generally is too late for the response phase. The other involved problems include difficulty in travel, danger to self and lack of proper communication and information channels for the relief providers. This is where Sankalp India Foundation believes it has the greatest competency and opportunity to make a difference.

In order to provide relief at this early stage, the challenge is to take the contribution form the people who wish to participate in disaster relief at a lightening pace. The Sankalp Disaster Relief Partner Program is the answer to this challenge.

How it Works

Sankalp Disaster Relief Partner Programme will enable the organisations who are interested in supporting Sankalp in the event of a disaster to have a prior understanding with the organisation on the nature of their participation. The partner organisation will get an opportunity to carefully review all of Sankalp’s past relief efforts, understand and get acquainted with the organisation’s quality process, financial and regulatory compliance etc. If the organisations are keen on participating with Sankalp they can get into an understanding with the organisation which will enable lightning fast collection of relief supply, monetary contribution and volunteers when required.

The Way Ahead

Sankalp will be bringing in a few but truly committed organisations as disaster relief partners in next new weeks. An understanding with these organisations will be reached and in the event of the disaster the resource mobilisation from the partner organisations to Sankalp will happen at a rapid pace so as to ensure the delivery of the same to the victims at the earliest hour.

Steps ahead

If you(in an individual or organisation capacity) look forward to be a disaster relief partner with us, please go through the attached PDF carefully. Then kindly get in touch with us to take the discussion further ahead.

Download PDF Version Here