Some useful notes for other people who are planning to provide relief

  • Please note that it is more than 8 days past the flood. Good food which was once the priority is no longer required.

  • Old clothes, especially urban wear, are not used by villagers. Massive mobilization of aid from various agencies has ensured abundant supply of immediate consumables. At this time, relief material which helps people get back to normal life are in greater demand.

  • Distribution strategy in the villages
    Unless one wants to be surrounded by a mob or face unruly crowd and end up in uneven distribution of relief material, one should take the help of village Accountant or Revenue Officer. These people will have a list of affected families and who has received what relief.

  • We observed a minibus load of people coming to distribute a truck load of goods. This is not advisable because of chances of facing the following problems:

    • Due to VIP movement, you may not find accommodation in the affected areas.

    • Because of bad roads and difficulty in transport, you may not receive daily needs on time.

    • You can always find ample help in moving goods for distribution from the local community.

    • Obviously the money spent on transportation of non-critical people can be better spent on buying relief material.

  • Please do not plan to visit the affected areas to provide man power for relief. Cities in the affected area were largely untouched by the disaster and the localites are keen on providing help. It is better to stay where you are and arrange for relief supplies.