First Aid Training

Instead of waiting for someone else to come and help, or to listen to 20 people advising different things, in case of medical emergencies we thought it fit to learn first aid. For 20 odd people first aid training coupled with response training was delivered at MSRIT. The enthusiastic students learnt the tips and tricks of first aid and vowed to deliver the knowledge and the help to the needy. This small attempt is a small step in improving the preparedness of the society. More such activities are planned for the future..


Submitted by pandey.aiims on Sun, 14-Oct-2007 - 23:07


its shaking that our country suffers another blast at ludhaina today nearlly 7 killed as per non govt sources but expected more casualties since the number of relief emergency vans were there to take victims to cmc ludhiana had there been a branch of sankalp india for first aid training then we can help the injured in much better way may god help those who suffers

Submitted by Badhrinath Jag… (not verified) on Sun, 30-Nov-2008 - 21:47


Hi, This is really interesting. I have always wanted to ensure that first-aid is taught at school level. I have started a few initiatives myself where I try to lure doctors to offer first-aid lecture. But I would like to know from you on how you offer first-aid training to schools you are working on. Do you have a set of trained first-aid teachers? Can you please provide more details? Please feel free to mail me.