School Disaster Preparedness Programme


Our Children definitely deserve better.

Each disaster in recent times has seen damage to our children. They are the ones whose safety is the biggest issue as they are not capable enough to defend themselves if not trained properly.

Sankalp has taken up the task to take to the schools of our country the best of the best technologies from around the globe to foster safety at school. We are promoting disaster education in schools so as to make our children "Super Kids" who are packed with knowledge to mitigate disasters. Beyond bookish knowledge which is un-interesting to the young minds we are exploring the best techniques befitting the psyche of the children. Modern educational tools are being employed for this purpose.

At the same time we are assisting schools to put up their Emergency Response Plans. Not only do these activities promote disaster preparedness and management, but they also lead to an organized response in the event of a mis-hap. This is bound to save a lot of pain and grief.

Keep Them Safe. They Will safeguard The Future