Happy World Blood Donor Day

Submitted by ankita on

Please post in your best wishes for Donors here.

Submitted by rajat on Sat, 14-Jun-2008 - 23:18


Your kind gesture is a double blessing. To you it is happiness and satisfaction - a good job done - But to someone else, it is nothing short of a life. Thank you blood donors for time and again rising to the call of humanity and helping give life a better chance.

Submitted by Lisha on Mon, 16-Jun-2008 - 23:07


Thank you all the blood donors for giving the gift of life to another fellow human being. You have taken time out of all the busy schedule to make a difference. Surely you will be blessed by God and the recepient of your Gift.

Thank you once again.

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 24-Jun-2008 - 13:39


Last night we got a rare blood group request at around 10:30 PM. The patient was profusely bleeding and required a couple of units of blood to keep him going till morning. The need was immediate and the time bad. Most blood banks were closed and very few donors would agree to donate at that hour. Even if they did, time was not enough to process blood and make it available for transfusion. At the same hour someone somewhere may be enjoying a peaceful sleep not realising that the blood that he/she donated voluntarily was just about to help a person fight the toughest time in his life. We found one unit of blood. few more units were arranged. This is just one instance. There are hundreds of them on a daily basis. And in many of these occasions there is a silent hero who plays a decisive role in giving life another chance. Thank you - Voluntary Blood Donors!