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What is the most important skill a volunteer attending a blood donation drive must possess?

Submitted by sankalp on

The skills and the good practices involved in volunteering for a blood donation drive have not been documented widely. Let's try to explore here the skills which we feel are most valuable for a person attending drives.

What more can be done to fight dengue?

Submitted by rajat on

Dengue is wrecked havoc all over the country. We believe that the Government is doing something to fight the problem. At the same time we thought that it could be a good idea to try to understand what exactly can we as individuals do to fight this problem better. Please use this forum to share ideas.

How do we shorten the span of time it takes to get one emergency unit donated?

Submitted by rajat on

Sankalp Emergency Wing has been working to ensure that the people who do not get blood from the usual means are helped out. Many times we come across a situation when no blood bank in the city has a single unit of blood. In these scenarios we have to get a donation done. The donation itself takes about 2 hours followed by another 2 hours of testing. This 4 hours of delay can sometime prove fatal. Requesting people to pour in suggestions on how this time can be shortened?

Is money chargd by blood bank for blood justified???

Submitted by Jayesh on

One of my friend asked me one question "Is money charged by blood bank for blood justified". I told him the reason why blood bank charged money but he again asked is each and every rupee charged by the justified. If it's so then why charges are different for different hospital and different for different patient in same hospital.

If you support the money charged for blood bank and you give the breakdown of money charged by them?

Number's will satisfy my friend queries...

Does asking for replacement inhibiting growth in number of voluntary donors?

Submitted by lalithgparmar on

Over the past few months I came acorss two instances where in the people who are voluntary donors asked me one thing?

if we are donating blood voluntarily,why do blood banks asks replacements to patients?.I conveyed the genuine reason to the person that there is shortage of blood in city and not all Hospitals have the permission to organise the only alternative for such hospitals is to ask for replacements....

Blood Awareness Week in Sapthagiri College...

Submitted by Lisha on

After about a year since Rakta Kranti-colleges was started, there was a breakthrough this week through Sapthagiri College. The volunteers put forth the message of blood to the students throughout the week, which was the "Blood Awareness Week". Please share your experinces about this week.

Did it open your eyes to the reality?

CTC Disha Publicity.

Submitted by amitsedai on

Hello Everyone,

CTC Disha is an initiative to make blood search faster.It aims at connecting the best blood banks in Bangalore, and providing blood statistics of the blood banks to anyone requiring blood in Bangalore city when they dial (080)1062. 

It also aims at ensuring transparency among the blood banks , so that they show true blood stocks to the people. 

How far are medical professional aware about blood transfusion?

Submitted by rajat on

Sankalp Volunteers often get to meet doctors while solving blood cases. We often get to hear what the doctors told the patient about arranging for blood.
Please discuss here your experiences in this regard. Share the responses the doctors gave you (or gave someone else).
This forum is not meant to undermine or dis-respect anyone. The sole purpose of this is to make the donor community aware about prevalent problems and misconceptions.