How can I Contribute

Donate Blood in Emergencies

You could enroll as a voluntary blood donor with Sankalp and donate blood in case of emergencies. You also have the option of enrolling as a voluntary platelets donor. 

Organise Blood Donation Drives

If you are planning to organise a blood donation drive then please use the following links:

Promote the Blood Helpline

You could help Sankalp by promoting the helpline for blood - "Looking for Blood in Karnataka? Call 9480044444". You could keep this message as the signature on your emails, request stickers to be put up in public places and do a lot more.

Participate in Disaster Relief

Sankalp India Foundation actively works to provide relief to the victims of disasters. The organisation has a very unique approach centered around reaching the affected people as soon as possible and deliver relief (not rehabilitation). Read more here:…

If you are interested in participating in the Disaster Relief Programme please use the following form:

Volunteer for Sankalp

Please use the following link to know more about Volunteering for Sankalp:


Submitted by Shini on Tue, 27-Jul-2010 - 09:44


I am surprised to note that the minimum weight required for pltelet donation is  65KG.

After reading this I have looked at various websites (not indian sites) and found that minimum weight required for platelet donation is only 110 pounds (45KG), which is same criterion as whole blood donation.

Can you kindly check if 65KG is the criterion set by NACO