How do we bring in more camps?

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What can be done to convince people to conduct Blood Donation Camps?

Submitted by rajat on Mon, 12-Mar-2007 - 12:07


The Target sites are colleges, companies and other social groups. But the question is how to identify, approach and convince them.. Suggestions required here..

According to my experience the only way we can make a huge impact is through perspiration. We need to approach each and every college and company and talk to them initially surely they might not agree and might neglect asking us to come some other day but we should continue to put our efforts which would convince them surely. The constraint here is many of us dont have that much time to visit the colleges more than once and hence we are unable to meet our expectations. We should also make sure that if a volunteer visits a particular college,next time he should only visit the same college. Let me know your views

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 13-Mar-2007 - 14:29


Prepare a book that can take people from armature to finest levels of blood drive

Submitted by Jayesh on Tue, 13-Mar-2007 - 16:00


First equip your self (knowledge and others)then set indiviual target and work for it. Take help from others if you need. Prepare good material to motivate other for camps(IT AND COLLAGE). Have confidence while talking to others and last but not least KEEP TRYING TILL YOU SUCCEED.

Submitted by rajat on Fri, 16-Mar-2007 - 15:08


I guess the recent arrangement with Ramaiah will take care of this side of town . this and IISc are breakthroughs. Now we must concentrate in converting people here into donors and achieve some numbers.

Submitted by tejasvi.adiga on Fri, 23-Mar-2007 - 15:18


we should try and somehow make poor people i.e, the labour community, etc to donate blood.. by this the need for blood will also be satisfied and awarness will also spread among these people.. i think these are the people among whom the awareness is less.. so if we try i think we can achieve 2 things at a time..

There is a arvind mill near my company where i see hundred of worker going on work every morning.. I think people in IT company get immune of all this because of money whereas at the same time laborer are simple people who listen to other and ready for new things... We can look forward toward this idea...i.e Spreading awareness in middle class and lower middle class...

Submitted by souravroy on Tue, 21-Apr-2009 - 22:00


Recently we had a camp in Prateek Apparels. The people who donated mainly belonged to worker class, unlike most other company camps where only IT professionals donate. The feedback was good. The donors were very healthy. Their hb levels were high. No one fainted. We must have more camps in such places.