Is money chargd by blood bank for blood justified???

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One of my friend asked me one question "Is money charged by blood bank for blood justified". I told him the reason why blood bank charged money but he again asked is each and every rupee charged by the justified. If it's so then why charges are different for different hospital and different for different patient in same hospital.

If you support the money charged for blood bank and you give the breakdown of money charged by them?

Number's will satisfy my friend queries...

Submitted by souravroy on Tue, 21-Apr-2009 - 21:45


The blood that a person donates, is collected in special plastic bags (worth around 200 Rs), also the blood is preserved at -35 to -60 degree centigrade. The doctors, the technicians have to be paid for their job. This is charged from the one who receives the blood. In case of private blood bank, they have to pay a heavy amount as tax and in many cases they are 24 hrs open. Hence blood there charges more. Therefore I think the money a blood bank charges is justified.

Submitted by ankita on Thu, 23-Jul-2009 - 16:25


Donating blood is a voluntary service and nobody can charge us for Blood. Whatever amount we pay to get a blood unit is the cost of testing(ELISA), Blood Bag, Component separation and maintenance of blood unit. The cost of a unit of blood is fixed by the Aids Prevention Society of each state in India. But still there are different charges in different blood banks in the same state. Blood banks whose charges are more could be because of following reasons: - It might be performing NAT test which is a superior, safer and costlier than ELISA test. - The blood bank may not be subsidized by the government. - The blood bags being used might be of superior quality. - The blood bank would have employed more staffs for better service to the donors and the Patient. - the equipments used are more up-to-dated and efficient. In all government blood banks charges are minimum and for poor patients below poverty line Blood can be given absolutely free also. For Thalassemic patients who needs multiple transfusion through out thier life, blood is absolutely free in any Government blood banks.