Lal Bahadur Shastri's Life

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Shastriji's life is one that has a million inspirational tales. The way he lived every moment of his life is a legend in it's own. Please go through the brief description of his life in the Hero of the Month section. Let us discuss here the things that inspire us tohe most and ask us to being in a change within.

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'China Cannot Frighten Us'

Just at this time another danger threatened India. China sent a letter, which said, "The Indian army has set up army equipment in Chinese territory. India should pull down this equipment. Otherwise it will have to face the wrath of China."

At that moment India was fighting against the Pakistani army equipped with the latest weapons supplied in plenty by the United States of America. And, at this very moment how was India to resist China?

China's allegations were a bundle of lies. If India removed the military equipment she would be admitting that China's charges were true. Also, that would mean India was afraid of China.

Even the big nations waited breathlessly to see what Lal Bahadur would say and what India would do.

Lal Bahadur did not take long to give a reply. The letter from China was received on the morning of 17the September 1965. He made a statement in the Parliament the same afternoon. He declared: "China's allegation is untrue. If China attacks India it is our firm resolve to fight for our freedom. The might of China will not deter us from defending our territorial integrity."

China kept quiet.


That aweful afternoon of Friday, December 24, 1999, I was glued onto the televison watching everbit of news about the indian Airlines flight IC-814. I was in clss X then, but I had a deep interest in politics and anything that related to India defence. Operation Vijay was just about over and here we had the pakis striking again. This time it was a far more complex equation.

In the days to come, I saw the helllessness of my hero- Sh Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Day in and day out, when I heard about what he was doing about the whole affair, Ifilled up with a deep sense of frustration and helplessness. It was so disgusting to see our own men fyling away from Amritsar and all the things that we boast of in our country watching helplessly. I started asking myself if at all there can be a bold politician, a person who can steer the country in such situations with honour and pride. I shrugged at every mention of IC-814 because till date, that incidence brings in a sense of shame in me. While reading about Shastriji, I was reminded of this incidence.

I knew, if Shastriji was there in place of Vajpayeeji, no Maulana would have been allowed to walk free from our soil. I miss you Sir. I miss a man like you!