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These topics are about those who all of us should be talking about - the Unsung Heroes!

Soldiers in Siachen

Submitted by amitsedai on


There are around 4000 soldiers placed in Siachen , which is the border of India and Pakistan at Kashmir. It is also called the highest battlefield on earth situated at the height two-third of Mt. Everest. These soldiers stay there for 3 months at a stretch overcoming extreme weather conditions and temperature at freezing -50 to -60 degrees centigrade.

HOM Developer's Forum

Submitted by rajat on

There has been a lot of discussion over what should be the content of the hero of the month. This forum will help the developers of the HOM to discuss the ideas and the methodologies they employ in carrying out a research, consolidating and finally presenting a HOM.

The users are most welcome to request for their favourite HOM to be portrayed on the site. You must simply  put in a comment with the name of the person you wish to be seen as the next HOM.

'Chak De' fever

Submitted by rajat on

Chak De fever is in the air and India is opening it's eyes to Indian Hockey..

Coincidently we have a small tab under "Hero of the Month" section of the site on the top right corner of the screen which reads Dhyan Chand.

I thought it fit to post this forum for people to share tehir feelings towards India's National Sport and it's God- Major Dhyan Chand.