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We had blood requests from 23 districts of the state in September with Bangalore, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Davanagere, Bijapur, Mysore, Dakshina Kannada, Belgaum, Raichur and Shimoga contributing to most number of blood requests Shimoga. In-spite if the fact that the awareness of blood components is on the rise in the medical community with more doctors willing to use packed red blood cells, platelets and plasma, we realise that patients are still unaware of the concept of components. There is a need for the staff members from the hospital who communicate with the family to inform the blood component needed clearly. The absence of this detail leads to unnecessary delay as we need to be sure of the component needed before we are able to guide the patients.

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Having said this, a pleasant change is that now several hospital staff members directly call the help-line. By doing this, they ensure that all necessary details are provided and we are able to provide accurate information. We encourage more hospitals to take this extra step which goes a long way in reducing the suffering of the patient's family members.

Tech Team

Tech Team

Sankalp India Foundation heavily relies upon technology for the operations. The Tech Team ensures that the tools that the teams use are kept secure, up- to-date and to be best of their performance levels. Last month Sankalp’s Tech Team undertook the task of updating the software platforms. Most importantly the platform used by Team Disha which is used for blood stock taking and helping the needy was upgraded.

The team is also working on extending the quality management, hemovigilance and donor deferral reporting and management system for all the blood donation drives organised by Sankalp. We are looking forward to ensuring that the critical quality and safety processes around blood donation drives are streamlined.

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