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Sankalp Labs is now NABL Accredited
Sankalp Labs now NABL Accredited

The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration (NABL) of Laboratories granted Sankalp Labs accreditation

sankalp Sun, 08-Jan-2023 - 16:22
Disha and Tech Team


ankita Mon, 25-Feb-2019 - 13:07
February 2011: Testing times for Emergency Wing and steady pace for others

Emergency Wing

Bombay blood group requests have increased tremendously in the past few weeks since January. Even in the month of February, there were 4 requests of Bombay blood group, out of which two were from Bangalore and 1 from Vadodara and 1 from Vijaywada. If you know any Bombay blood group donors, please let us know.

Lisha Wed, 09-Mar-2011 - 23:01
Technical Team's nightmare

11th February 2010 will go down in the history of Sankalp Tech Team in bold letters. We are not particularly proud of this date. Yet, the series of events that unfolded on the evening of this date have ensured that the organisation takes a whole new approaching into handling its technical requirements. Sankalp Tech will never be the same.

amitsedai Sat, 27-Feb-2010 - 10:58
Introducing two new websites from Sankalp
While the world is busy with its own things, Sankalp volunteers are busy in their own way. This time, by designing two new websites (Blood de India and Team red) having specific roles. Blood de India, is a website, which aims to have all the donors all over the country access one site for anything related to blood donation.
Lisha Tue, 15-Apr-2008 - 14:12