Sahayog: Relief For Earthquake Victims @ Sikkim

An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 has hit areas of Sikkim on Sunday (18/9/2011) evening.

Sankalp has taken up an initiative Sahayog in order to provide relief to the victims of the quake. Our main aim will be to participate in the relief operations and provide the most required resources to the victims. We have been in touch with local groups who have been actively participating in the relief work since the tragedy has occurred. We have also been in touch with relevant government officials who will be able to give us dependable information on the happenings. Our attempt will involve to mobilize resources like food, water, medicines, blankets etc and use the knowledge of the mentioned sources of information to choose the most worthy and needy recipients of the supplies and make sure that they are handed over to them.

Furthermore, 3 of our volunteers reached Siliguri (West Bengal), on Monday (19/9/2011) afternoon, from here they will proceed towards Mangan which is the most affected region. They will assess the situation there and then proceed to purchase the most required resources for the victims. Also, the landslides that has occurred have blocked various roads making it difficult for the rescue workers to reach the affected areas.

Those who know Sankalp's Disaster Wing, please act now..

In case you wish to participate please send a mail to Call 9880132850/9900161551.

Submitted by aurora on Tue, 20-Sep-2011 - 09:46


Filed volunteers reached Bagdodara in West bengal at 1:30 PM. From there they started their movement towards Sikkim. Heavy traffic (movement of army vehicles) and landslides, rain and bad weather have stopped rapid progress. At the end of the first day, Our volunteers are reached Singtam. People are sleeping in open due to fear of after shocks. Everything is closed. Most buildings have cracks.

Submitted by aurora on Tue, 20-Sep-2011 - 09:51


Mangan in North Sikkim and 2 places close it (Chungthang and Lachung) are seem to be the ones where relief has not reached. The IAF is air dropping food here. The roads were in a bad condition till Monday (19 Sep). Improvement of road conditions and with the suggestion and inputs from local government authorities and friends of volunteers, the relief strategy has been outlined as follows:

Field Team 1 will travel to Mangan and assess the situation there nad pass on the info to Field Team 2 @ Siligudi which will go ahead with purchase of goods and necessary commodities.

Submitted by prabha on Tue, 20-Sep-2011 - 13:54


Our Volunteers have reached Mangan on Tuesday (20/9/2011) afternoon. They will be meeting the concerned Government officials there to take permissions and proceed with the relief operations.

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Chungthang and Lachung in North Sikkim, which are among the most affected places, are inaccessible by road. ITBP and IAP are providing relief there by air dropping Food and helping the injured.

Field Team 1 Volunteers will join the National Disaster response Force (NDRF) and move further towards Manu (place near Mangan) and camp for tonight. At 5am tomorrow they will leave to a place where relief has not yet reached and assess the situation and the resources required.

Submitted by prabha on Wed, 21-Sep-2011 - 09:49


Many villages near North Sikkim namely Sofo, Sakyong, Pentong, Bay, Tholung, Lingya, Tingmong, Lik, Sipgear, Romon, Leven are worst hit due to the Earthquake. These areas being close to the epicentre have been far more devastated compared Gangtok. There is not connection to the rest of the world from these places. These areas are not reachable by roads due to the landslides and therefore Zero help has been given in these areas.

Border Roads organizations say that it may take around 3 - 8 days to clear the roads in this bad weather. These unreachable villages may starve due to lack for food during this period. Air dropping of food materials is the only way to reach out to these people.

Submitted by prabha on Wed, 21-Sep-2011 - 09:58


Feild 1 Volunteers have spoken to a District official in Mangan who has expressed a possibility that if our volunteers could buy food and other resources, then a chopper can be arranged which will load our food materials and drop them in the villages where help has not reached yet. Food for people upto a week may have to be dropped in these ares.

Those who know Sankalp disaster team and want to contribute for the relief program, Please act now.

Please send a mail to Call 9900161551.

Submitted by prabha on Wed, 21-Sep-2011 - 11:30


Soffo in North Sikkim where a Hydel plant was perrished due to earthquake is the target area where the distribution of resources will take place. Many people are still trapped there and quite a few are dead.

Submitted by prabha on Thu, 22-Sep-2011 - 09:35


Food materials like rice, dal and other commodities required for cooking were purchased at Mangan yesterday. These food materials were loaded into choppers at 7am on (22/09/2011) and with the help of a Brigadier from the army, these resources will be air dropped to 3 affected villages namely Sakyong, Pentong and Bey.

The second set of materials will be purchased today and will be either air dropped to other villages or will be distributed in one of relief camps.

Submitted by prabha on Thu, 22-Sep-2011 - 11:22


Our Volunteers have purchased the complete resources required for Sikkim Relief activity. Thankyou all for contributing for the same and supporting us. Our main focus for the next 48 hours will be to distribute the resources to the victims of the disaster.

Those who wish to contribute and support us for our activities in the future can send a mail to Call 9900161551.