Sankalp Blood Centre To Come Alive

We were listening mesmerised and all soaked up to "Subh Sukh Chain" the national anthem of the Provisional Government of Free India. The "Subh Sukh Chain" for which those sons and daughters of this mother - Bharat Mata, gave up all their "Subh Sukh Chain" was for us! Free India, where the sons and daughters of this mother have the freedom to decide how their brethren will be treated.

As we celebrate 75 years of Independence we have put behind us a lot of pain. We indeed have corrected a lot of wrongs! Perhaps the time has come to put an end to one more wrong!

Sometimes, when our brethren are in a very difficult situation in life when their loved one is battling for life, we still think it's okay to ask them to go find blood! 19 years since we thought we will fix this, almost every other day someone calls asking for blood to be donated urgently to save a life. People still suffer because of blood.

Will our brethren continue to suffer? Do we need to see people go down on their knees before we share our gift of blood? Will we not stand by our people so that they have one less thing to worry about?

Should it not be that whenever blood is needed, it is available on the shelves - no questions asked? Should it not be that the sons and daughters of this mother give the gift of blood as often as is feasible for them?

We the people, on this Republic Day, announce the Sankalp Blood Centre. Over the next few months, a blood centre will take shape which will add wings to our dream of never letting anyone suffer because of blood. We have come together with Jai Shivshakti Health and Educational Foundation and Karnataka Marwari Youth Federation to realise this project.

The blood centre will follow the principle of 'no no' - we intend to never say no to any request for blood. Sankalp blood centre is needed to act as a catalyst in the field of voluntary blood donation - raising the standards for blood collection, processing and issue. A place where the expression of our gratitude towards our soil and our people would be by rolling up our sleeves. A place where we all will come together to add more "Subh Sukh Chain" to our freedom.

  • The Sankalp Blood Centre will look to achieve the following:
  • Focus on tapping huge donor potential through mobile blood donation vans
  • Network with NBTC and other national organizations to undertake research in blood transfusion services
  • Build systematic frameworks to setup a chain of storage centers to make safe blood available to more people – reach out to thalassemic across India
  • Use technology to minimize errors and maximize safety to both donor and patient

Vande Maratam!

Sankalp Unit
Patrika Section