SCN Meeting at Bangalore - June 2019

The next edition of the Sankalp-Cure2Children Network meeting for BMT was organised on 4&5 June 2019 at People Tree Hospitals, Bangalore. The two day meeting held every six months is an opportunity for our transplant teams to get together and brainstorm - contributing to the fine outcomes. 

The meeting saw the team review the results of the latest changes made to protocols and practices. The latest protocol, adopted in September 2018 has also seen very encouraging results in terms of overall outcomes (Disease Free Survival and Overall Survival). However, there were a series of complications to a few children which were assessed in detail. Several fine changes are expected in the protocol for the forthcoming patients. The results of haploidentical transplants were also discussed. The current results are similar to what the team put out before the world in the ASBMT meeting at Houston - with carefully selected candidates the success rates are much better. For the remaining candidates, the wait could be a little longer as a few more changes are being slowly but surely being introduced. 

Last year saw the team come up with some publications and data reviews for international meetings. It was reiterated that that this year too several retrospective and prospective studies should be taken up to both contribute to the field of thalassemia bone marrow transplants and also improve the results. Discussions on greater adoption of protocols in thalassemia day cares, measures to control cost escalations meant that all aspects of the program were duly covered. The team at Bangalore is heading towards an international accreditation (JACIE). The whole QM program design and it's elements were also reviewed. 

After two productive days and a host of ideas to work upon, with renewed energy the teams are back to their units - to give life a better chance!