One With Bhopal! Things that we can do!

Submitted by rajat on

Please share your views and feelings about the Bhopal Gas Disaster and the sufferings of the victims of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. Express what you felt during the programme One With Bhopal. Please join in to share your feelings and the sense of solidarity that you have for the victims of this worst Industrial Disaster of all times.

Submitted by amitsedai on Sat, 22-Mar-2008 - 19:08


I would like to :

  1. Know about the disaster upto the extent where I will feel that I understand.
  2. Express my solidarity with the people of Bhopal by joining the national movement "One with Bhopal"
  3. I will put up the posters at my coll: MSRIT

Submitted by Lisha on Mon, 24-Mar-2008 - 23:12


It has been 24 years and the people are still suffering due to absolutely no fault of theirs. The people who died are not the only victims, but the people who lived and the generations which came after the incident still suffer. It is high time that the Government provide them Justice.

By being a part of the event Shaheed Diwas 2008, "One With Bhopal", it was one way I could show my solidarity with the victims of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. I certainly hope and pray for the Bhopalis. I will support them and stand by them till Justice is attained.

Submitted by chayan on Tue, 25-Mar-2008 - 01:00


over 2 decades have passed and ppl are still struggling for justice. i feel so misreble on hearing the plight of these ppl. and all they want is justice.

is the govt so heartless that it cannot do anything give a simple justice.

do ppl need to march to delhi to demand their right?

do ppl need to hold protests n vigilanges to put pressure on the govt?

has the govt gone blind?

its high time now and something need to be done. just think the plight of ppl waiting 24yrs just for justice.

the govt should take a stance n help them.