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Tackling unattended live wires

Staff Reporter

Sankalp India Foundation has launched a campaign called `Parivartan'

BANGALORE: Losing a best friend is a bittermoment in life. A life lost cannot be got back and a life lost due to the carelessness of another is still worse an experience. Tejas Acharya, an engineering student from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, was electrocuted near his house after stepping on a live wire protruding from the ground recently. Tejas Acharya was the victim on that day. Tomorrow, it could be some other friend.

Sankalp India Foundation, a voluntary organisation from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, could not see the death of its friend go in vain. It decided to do something about it. And it has launched a campaign called "Parivartan" to encourage people to report cases of unattended live wires in the city.

This foundation consists of 3,000 volunteers nationwide. It has participated in many relief works.

The organisation has posted wallpapers around the city bus stands giving the telephone numbers of BESCOM and helpline numbers to which people can call and inform about the livewires. People can call BESCOM authorities on Ph: 080 - 22355180, 22356627, 9844244638, and the helpline on 12660.