Indian Express: NGO to rope in corporates for disaster relief


NGO to rope in corporates for disaster relief

BANGALORE: Sankalp India Foundation, a city-based NGO working for disaster relief, is coming up with a programme where organisations and corporate entities wishing to work towards the effect would be tying up with the NGO. Disaster Relief Partner Program would be officially launched on January 26, said Rajat Kumar Agarwal, president of Sankalp India Foundation.

“It is never certain when disaster might occur,” said Agarwal. “The first thing required by the victims during any natural calamity is human resource.” He said they planned to come up with the programme for ready back and instant relief to be provided in the first 72 hours of the disaster.

“Even individuals from any medical community, students, professionals or any individual who wants to join to make a difference and be a volunteer for disaster relief can be a part of the programme,” he said.

Sankalp’s Disaster Mitigation and Management Wing worked in the affected areas after the Tsunami floods in Tamil Nadu in December 2004. It has also participated in disaster relief work during Kashmir earthquake in 2005, floods in Tamil Nadu, Kosi floods in 2008 and the Karnataka floods in 2009.