Relief Operation by Sankalp India Foundation for Karnataka floods


Sankalp India Foundation has initiated a massive relief Operation Sparsh for the people suffering from the floods in North Karnataka. People have been rendered homeless and they are housed in relief camps. Our goal will be to ensure that we reach out to these relief camps and participate in the activity that aims to provide immediate assistance to the people by mobilizing resources that are needed the most. We have been in touch with local groups who have been actively participating in the relief work since one week. We have also been in touch with relevant government officials who will be able to give us dependable information on the happenings. According to inputs received from these sources, food, blankets, household products and sanitary products in the same order of importance are the things needed in an immediate sense. Our attempt will involve to mobilize these resources and use the knowledge of the mentioned sources of information to choose the most worthy and needy recipients of the supplies and make sure that they are handed over to them. Furthermore, starting today Tuesday, 6 October, 2009 one of our volunteers will be present at Ground 0 to understand the ground realities better and participate in relief measures.

We invite you to participate in providing relief to the victims of this great calamity by means of making a contribution. All contributions made by you to this cause will be converted into goods and delivered to the victims. The organization will bear all the logistical costs and so your contribution will exclusively be utilized for mobilization of the resources that are needed. Our Volunteers will be present throughout and will closely supervise the distribution process.

Periodic news feeds from the distribution centres will be shared on and other associated sites.

If you choose to contribute we encourage one of the following:

  • Contribute towards the purchase of blankets, food, sanitary items and other basic needs

We have made a market analysis of the prices and have short-listed a vendor for the procurement of blankets. You can choose to make a direct payment to the vendor or you may wish to procure the blankets yourself and arrange for them to be dropped at selected points in the city. We are arranging for food grain to be procured locally in order to save on the transportation overheads. Please call us on below mentioned numbers to know more.

  • Electronic transfer of funds to Sankalp Account

Sankalp India Foundation. SBI Account Number 30246145829.

Please do not forget to leave your name and mobile number when you execute the electronic transfer.
Once the transfer is done please let us know about it on the following link

If this does not work for you then confirm the transaction by a mail to


  • Food grain will be purchased from the local markets in the cities around the affected area. Hence we recommend making a monetary contribution for the same.
  • We do not encourage cash contribution. No volunteer of Sankalp will request you to contribute cash!
  • The contributions and their usage will be kept public in order to assist transparency unless the donor categorically instructs otherwise.
  • Please note that we are not offering income tax relief of any financial contributions made

Past Relief Work:

Sankalp India Foundation is a registered organization under the Society's Registration Act 1960. Reg No: BLU-S297-2007-08

The organization has participated in the following relief missions in the past:

Tsunami: Sankalp was the only organization outside Tamil Nadu to be reaching out for relief for the victims of the Tsunami in December 2004 at Nagapattinum within 36 hours of the disaster. We provided assistance in managing the ambulance services at base hospital and clothes and food for the victims at Nagore.

Kashmir Earthquake: Sankalp reached out to the victims of the massive earthquake that struck on 8th October 2005 in Kashmir with 600 blankets. The blankets were delivered to the victims suffering from extreme cold 3 kms from the Line of Control in the Tangdhar District of J&K.

Flood Relief in Tanjavur: Sankalp organized relief for the flood affected Tanjavur in November 2005. On request of Tanjavur Red Cross, food supplies were distributed in the affected area.

Bihar Floods: Sankalp contributed to teh relief efforts after Bihar Floods by providing the food grains, medicines soaps, milk powder, baby food etc.

Terror Attacks: Sankalp had been instrumental in mobilizing blood donors in the wake of the terror attacks in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur. We ensured that there was no shortage of blood for the victims of these attacks.

Please call the following for more information: 9880132850 | 9886522376 | 9886064563