Project Prayas: Relief for Flood Affected Assam

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Assam is suffering from the worst flood of the century. Here is some data from the State Disaster Management Authority:

  • 27 districts are affected by the floods
  • 125 people have lost their lives and 17 are missing.
  • 4540 villages are affected
  • 23,91,369 people have been displaced
  • 622 relief camps are running housing 4,84,555 people

Sankalp India Foundation has taken up "Project Prayas" an attempt to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Assam. The plan is simple. We have sent an expert team of volunteers to the affected area to estimate the actual needs, identify the best procurement points and transport lines and build strategy for systematic distribution. The Team has left for Assam from West Bengal and Sikkim and is expected to reach Guwahati today. In the next 96 hours the organisation will reach out to the needy and ensure delivery of the goods.

The team has zeroed upon Jorhat in lower Assam as the target location. Currently the 100km stretch along the Brahmaputra in this area is worst affected. People who were involved in relief operations so far tell us that food and medicine are the primary requirements. The current plan is to make purchases at Jorhat and distribute goods in the affected area.

Sankalp India Foundation appeals to you to come forward and join in the Project Prayas. The entire contribution from you will be converted into goods and delivered to the needy. Let us stand by our countrymen when they need us the most!


Call: 9880132850 | Mail:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Will my contribution be used for logistics and for expenses incurred by the volunteers?

Ans. Absolutely not! Sankalp has always converted each rupee of the contributions into goods and provided to the needy. All logistics and transport is organised through the contribution of the volunteers alone.

Q2. Will I get tax benefit if I contribute?

 Ans. Yes. Sankalp will give you receipts to claim tax benefit under section 80G.

Q3. How can I contribute?

You can transfer your contributions to the following bank account:

  • Account Name: Sankalp India Foundation 
  • Bank Name: Punjab National Bank 
  • Account Type: Saving 
  • Branch Location: Jayanagar, Bangalore 
  • IFSC Code: PUNB0128700 
  • Account Number: 1287000100971426 

Please do not forget to fill up the webform at the following address to intimate us about your contribution:

Q4. Can I contribute materials?

Ans. Due to the distance from Assam, we will not be taking any goods. However, you are free to welcome to join our team in Assam and provide them with the goods locally.

Q5. How will I get to know what the organisation is doing?

Please stay tuned to:

Q6. Can I see the legal documents of the organisation?

Q7. I need more information. Who should I contact?

  • Disaster Control Centre: +919880132850
  • Rakesh Dhanya: +919900161551
  • Lalith Parmar: +919886522376
  • Ankita: +91988606456

History of Sankalp’s Disaster Relief Efforts


  • Sankalp was the only organization outside Tamil Nadu to be reaching out for relief of the victims of the Tsunami in December 2004 at Nagapattinum within 36 hours of the disaster.
  • We provided assistance in managing the ambulance services at base hospital and clothes and food for the victims at Nagore.

Kashmir Earthquake

  • Sankalp reached out to the victims of the massive earthquake that struck on 8th October 2005 in Kashmir with 600 blankets.
  • The blankets were delivered to the victims suffering from extreme cold 3 kms from the Line of Control in the Tangdhar District of J&K.
  • It took Sankalp Volunteers 5 days to travel to reach the affected area and yet, they were the first to reach out to the victims from outside J&K

Flood Relief in Tanjavur

  • Sankalp organized relief for the flood affected Tanjavur in November 2005.
  • On request of Tanjavur Red Cross, food supplies were distributed in the affected area.
  • From start to finish the mission was executed in less than 72 hours.

Bihar Floods

  • Sankalp contributed to the relief efforts after Bihar Floods by providing the food grains, medicines soaps, milk powder, baby food etc. to other trusted organisations.
  • The distance, the nature of disaster and the timing at which we started intervention inclined
  • us to participate only by providing relief supply.

Terror Attacks

  • Sankalp had been instrumental in mobilizing blood donors in the wake of the terror attacks in
  • Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur.
  • We ensured that there was no shortage of blood for the victims of these attacks.

Karnataka Floods

  • Relief operation initiated in 96 hours of disaster
  • More than 1008 sets of utensils distributed to affected families in North Karnataka
  • The review of the effort led to the updated strategy of disaster participation with focus just on relief.

Sikkim Earthquake

  • Relief operation initiated in 1 hour of disaster
  • 5 villages reached with food supplies for a week. Materials were air dropped with the help of
  • Indian Army Choppers because of landslides.