Its 10 and counting @ ITPL

Hundreds of software companies, thousands of people—that’s ITPL for you in numbers. But if you think a little more you get to realize a little more. These numbers also mean a huge base of blood donors. So huge that probably one would think that well planned blood donation drives there can become a tri annual affair. Back in July 2007, Sankalp India Foundation converted this probability into a reality.

Sankalp started the culture of organizing large blood donation drives at the ITPL campus on 5 July 2007. What followed since then was like a dream come true. And now, for the 10th time in 40 months, Sankalp India Foundation organized another safe and quality focused blood donation drive, with able support being provided by Applied Materials and Ascendas, 2 organizations based @ ITPL.

The collaboration between the stakeholders for the events has only grown stronger with time. Ascendas manages space and resources before and during the day of the blood donation drive. Applied Materials volunteers help out during the drive and also in publicity campaign before the drive to intimate as many number of people about the drive. Sankalp volunteers interact with all companies and blood banks and ensure that the donors have the best blood donation experience by ensuring all the standard measures to be taken during the blood donation drive. Over this period, each blood donation drive has seen a decent response with a high of 591 units of blood collected in the 2nd drive and a low of 229 units collected in the 9th drive.

The tenth drive has in itself been an occasion of joyous celebration where special efforts were put in to educate and motivate more people. “Ascendas is pleased to partner with Sankalp India Foundation in conducting the 10th blood donation drive at ITPL. Through these camps we intend to maximize participation from the employees working at our park and also benefit the community we operate in through this noble cause.” said Mr Chidambar from Ascendas group.

Applied Materials whose employees are regular donors have this to say “Since the very first drive we arranged in July 2007, employees from Applied Materials and other companies located in International Tech Park, Bangalore have donated more than 3400 units of blood. Our association with Ascendas and Sankalp India Foundation on this noble cause has ensured that there is more awareness on the need to donate blood and has met the constant needs of the blood banks in Bangalore. We encourage more and more businesses to come out and sponsor blood drives in their organizations on a regular basis.”

History has now been made @ ITPL with 10 drives in 40 months. Major blood banks of the city have benefitted immensely from this regular event. As time rolls by numbers will keep shooting up and in a few years it will be time to celebrate the Silver Jubilee :)

Sankalp Unit