Making BMT for Thalassemia More Accessible @ Kutch

Thanks to the success of the Sankalp Program For Thalassemia Cure, people from different corners of the country look forward to our group for BMT for thalassemia. With haplo identical transplants also beginning to show some promise, BMT is now being sought by many families. The not for profit costs and the fine results has made even people of Kutch look forward to transplants.

Demand for Replacement – a disease we continue to suffer from

In 2003, we saw a man die in an ICU. The family of the man was running from pillar to post looking for blood donors! The pain, agony and helplessness led to the formation of Sankalp India Foundation. For some time after that, we continued to see blood banks as institutions where blood should be provided when when there is a need. We continued to maintain donor lists!

Mismanagement, suffering and exploitations continues even when blood donors are available in plenty

August was a month of plenty in Bangalore - at least as far as blood is concerned. Unfortunately, still several blood donation camps are not carefully planned keeping in mind the demand of blood. When the colleges reopen after the summer vacation, there are several institutions who express desire to conduct camps.