Should we boycott Multi National Company product???

Submitted by Jayesh on

In today world of globalization.. Is the concept of using Indian product hold its value.
Is globalization helping Indian economy or hammering its growth. Should we adopt the idea of Swadeshi Product or its not required.

Submitted by Jayesh on Mon, 04-Jun-2007 - 20:26


I believe the small and medium indian industries are getting vanishing because of big multinational companies. Once i read a article that one rupee circulating in india contribute 33% of its value for economy growth whereas same one rupee if goes out of country by MNC hammpers the ecomomy growth nearly 60% of its value. All i want to say is using a indian product may be slow process for growth but its the right way.


It was very difficult for me to come up to this but it does no matter to me whether I buy an Indian Product or a prodduct from an MNC.....

Today the economies of world are connected .What if same principle is applied by people from Europ and USA and they say that we wont buy INDIAN Products..

 I see this an oppurtunity for growth........The best example i can mention is TATA....I consider TATA group as a role model...The ethics they follow and the way they go about things is something that we should appreciate....and Few days ago TATA acquired JLR and what if people decide that since its acquired by an Indian company we wont buy any JLR car!!!

I am sure in days to come the same companies which are MNC 'swill be acquired by Indian companies 

For me World is one...ALL HUMANS are one.... 



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Submitted by ashwath on Tue, 05-Jun-2007 - 16:38


nice idea to come up with....but there exists certain brandz which are jus incomparable to Indian it the automobile sector or the electronic sector..the foreign brands speak 4 their repute..thus i would like 2 be a partial swadeshi implementin this only on certain goods..

Submitted by shweta on Fri, 08-Jun-2007 - 19:11


Well.... I m still not sure how it affects Indian Economy..... I m still not convinced with it.... And when it comes to buying MNC products.... I don't find anything wrong in that.... By stopping buying the MNC products I really don't think we will do any good.... These companies provide a lot of employment in our country... And there is a lot of difference Videocon products and samsung products.... a lot of difference between Maaza and fanta.... It's like I want to drink Sprite and i don't want to drink fanta.... I have stopped both.... which seems to make no sense at all.... And Indian products are also sold outside India.... Then even they should stop buying our products.... Well.... It would be smarter if we could make or produce products of the international quality.... Like the way Himalaya cosmetic company... Let's compete.... Let's make ourselves better.... which sounds very ideal.... But the MNCs are not my enemies.... I don't have any problem with them.... They have the quality and I buy it.... I was just wondering what would happen if all MNC's are closed... I mean what happens to the employees of those companies.... I m still not convinced with the Idea.... But I'll try doing what I can for my country.... But i can't stop eating sneakers....

This truly shows the real problem.. hat is lack of proper reasoning on why National products and why not multi-national.. I wont answer you immediately.. But I will soon!!

Submitted by tejasvi.adiga on Sun, 10-Jun-2007 - 19:16


i agree with shwetha mam regarding the employement problem and i also think that these companies bring in competition thus increasing the quality and the services being provided.. The idea of slow progress is also intresting.. i believe we have to keep in mind that we shouldn't allow multinational companies to take over the Indian market:-) there should be scope for Indian goods too..

Submitted by gagan on Mon, 11-Jun-2007 - 19:53


India as a growing nation cannot do without the multinational companies. not only do these co's. bring in better things to the country and help improve our standard of living, but also provide job opportunities for millons. Hence atleast for a decade India cannot do without multinationals.

Submitted by amit on Mon, 18-Jun-2007 - 19:34


we should certainly boycott multinational companies which have eaten our Indian economy like cold drinhks.....we should certainly boycott those which we can easily afford.....but there are certain multinational companies which is a benefit to indian a result people still support it bcoz there are no choices in India for them...once India gets equally developed the people will start believing in swadeshi to pardesi.......

Try to buy Indian products it creates wealth to India. Even we cannot avoid importing products but these are the deals which should be done. As if we think of a deal of exporting mangoes and importing bike of $5000 bike. It is worthful because there are only a few people buy/own $5000 bike and which cannot be driven on Indian roads. That is good. And the most important thing is the trade b/w nations cannot be stopped; but people should think of what we are buying. Buy to create wealth for the nation. Paste, Brush, ToothPowder- Prudent, Promise, Vicco Vajrathanthi, Dabur, Babool, Bandar Sap, Gopal ToothPowder, Jet, Calicut, 1431 Pyorea Bath Soaps- Medimix, Mysore Sandal, Chandrika, Nirma, Wipro Shikakai, Swastik, Godrej, Shampoo - Chik, Meera, Kadal, Arnika, Hair & Care, Herbal, Raaga, Dabur, Tata Washing Soaps - Ponnvandu, Oorvasi, Nirma, Double, Fena, Power, 555, Cottage Industries Soaps Blade - Prince, Topaz, Ashok, Max, Super Max, Laser, Bharath, Silver Facial Cream - Boroclean, Boroline, Boro Plus, Boro Landula, Emami, Arnika, Fame Care, Fair Ever, Mythili, Balsara Powder - Mysore Sandal, Gokul Sandal, Boro Plus, Jet Talc, Neem, Tulsi Matches -P.N.C, Joker, Korex, etc Tea, Coffee, Drinks - A.V.T Kannan Devan, Chakra Gold, Gemini, Asam, Bengal, Royal Girnar, BrahmaPutra, Society, Narasus Coffee, Leo Coffee, Coorg, Indian, Maltova, Nutramul Milk Powder - Aavin, Amul, Indana, Sagar, Vijaya(----------) Vanaspathi, Ghee, Oil - Aavin, Spun,Amruth, Sugan, Vijaya, Postman, Rocket, Sagar, Parachute, Safola, Sanola, Dhara, V.V.D, Coco Care, A.V.T, Idhayam Biscuit, Choclate, Bread, Etc., - Parle, Parrys, Bakeman, Ravalgon, Amul, Nutriene, Indana, Champion, Classic, Modern Bread, Milka, Today CoolDrinks - Fruitnik, Fruit Juice, Rasna, Roofaaza, Sudha, Azwadh, Campa Cola, Panner Soda. Ice Cream - Joy, Arun, Aavin, Amul, Gokul, Vadhilal, Sriram, Mother Dairy Footwear, Polish - Liberty, Lakhani, Bhrath Leather, Standard, Metro, Kwik Shoe Polish Torch, Battery - Jeep, Shakti, Panther, Super, Silver, Anupam, Deluxe, Kohinoor, Universal Fan - Kaithan, Orient, Usha, Bajaj, Polar, Thrivel, T-Series Electrical Goods - Anchor, Ceema, Surya, Bajaj, Bengal Lamps, Mysore Lamps, Hindustan Lamps, Videocon, Crown Pen - Camlin, Camel, Luxor, Kings, Army, Delta, Wilson, Link, Natraj, Jeeplo Sanitary Napkin - Soft Touch, Relief, Lady Care This site is owned by swadesi foundation managed by Indo Technologies © Copyright 2001 - All Rights reserved

I dont know how does boycotting help our Swadeshi companies grow. Lest Face it guys, if Prudent is better than Colgate or Pepsodent, let it come ahead and compete against Colgate.Pep.... They have to prove somehow to us, may be a good marketting strategy. I think what is lacking in our swadeshi companies is the product quality and good marketting of the product otherwise i dont have any problem using Prudent if its really good. In that case, i do use Khaitan fans or Bajaj fans as they are good by quality and have a good marketting expertise here. Sorry i dont mean to offend anyone, its just my 2 paise....

Submitted by mohitag on Fri, 18-Apr-2008 - 10:32


Well, being an India I feel survival of an Indian without using any foreign products is impossible. I was just going through the comments aded int his forum and realized one thing... everyone is an Indian at heart and wants to really take tehir country to a new height but the efforts which are needed are missing somewhere.

I am sure that the content of this comment may be viewed as objectionable by most of those who read it but I still want to discuss what I feel.

When we talk about Boycotting foreign goods and usng only Swadeshi products have we ever thought about its feasibility. Just by providing a list of products of daily needs like tooth paste, soap, clothes etc can not actually put a stop to our dependency of foreign made products. It is not just dependence but also our competence. Indians are extremely intellegent but have they been able to design even one computer without importing software, or other things. How amny of you who are reading this mail are planning to resign from your MNC's as a gesture of loyalty towards your country, how many of you can stop using Rolex, Tag Heur and switch to HMT watches, how many of you will take an oath not to use mobile phones manufactured in other countries, how many of you can pledge not to fly in an aeroplane built by a foreign company and ..... There is simply no end to it. If we raise topics of such importance we should be cautious while expressing our views as what we speak is what we are. If we just say we must boycott then we must be able to boycott every thing and in true spirit else I would consider that we are hypocrites. Why can we not first learn our national language start a forum in hindi and then think of achieveing bigger goals towards our national pride.

What is important is not what we want to be but what we are doing to become what we want to be...

Sorry if I have hurt anyone's emotions, taht was not my intention :-(

Hi Mohit

I agree to what you said but my understanding of boycotting MNC product is not to stop using it. Since childhood I have been using Lux soap but recently since some 2-3 years I have started using Santoor. I always used Ponds Cold cream but this time I thought to give a try to Himalays cold cream and I found it to be really good.

Point is we Indians don’t even give a try to Indian products because we never get to see its promos. It’s highly impossible to stop using MNC products but it’s not so difficult to at least give a try to Indian Brands which gives you quality.

At least I can say about myself that wherever possible I have started using Indian products. Soap, Shampoo, toothpaste, Toothbrush, salt, chips, icecream......etc etc. I still could not get alternative for Washing soap, chocolates (amul is not easily available), jeans (I don’t get the latest one in Indian brands). But every time whenever I go to but something I make an honest attempt to comeback with all Indian products.

Only this honest attempt is required from all of us. It is not possible for a country to be able to manufacture or grow everything under the sun and so this dependency will always be there. But when you have an option to help your brother or a stranger, I am sure you will first opt to help your brother though you may be sure that you won’t get anything in return from him and that stranger may give you whatever you want.

Dear Ankita,


It is alwyas nice to get a prompt reply to your thoughts. Am glad that you spared time to go though my comment. First of all I would liek to clarify that I am not one against India, I am an Indian and I questioned the sincerity in efforts made by people just to provoke them and instill them with a spirit to take the country to new heights. But I really do not feel taht using santoor soap or searching for Amul chocolates is a way to prove one's strong ties to Indianness.

 It has to come from within...

"It sleeps deep within us but it must come out, feelings alone don't make a difference, action does". These were the first lines I got to read about Sankalp.

Personally speaking, I feel this is a looped issue (if we try to boycott all MNCs, then we will have large-scale unemployment to deal with and many other issues). So, its really difficult to decide what to do on a very large scale. But we have to start somewhere, and that can be by starting to use Indian Products. And since this is just the beginning, one cannot call them hypocrats, for using a few other products as well.

Nothing can question or proove anyone's ties with their motherland. If anything suggests so, it is only a very short-sighted and unacceptable thing. But, I feel we need to break the discussion into two halfs. 1. Are multinational companies actually causing a severe damage to India? This question we much find answer for ourself and come to some conclusion. 2. Only once we have actually found the answer to the question 1, we can think of asking ourselves - "If I think that multinational companies are actually causing a severe damage to India, then is there something that I can do about it?" The scope of what you can quit using and what you cant and the related issues arises only when you are sure that the damage is being done and that ways to prevent damage are to be found. If someone is not clear about the first point, then, I guess, discussion over the products etc is irrelevant.

Some of us may already be trying to MINIMIZE the use of these goods. They may be doing it for YEARS now. They still may be using NOKIA mobiles, but they may be opting for PROMISE tooth paste. They MAY BE branded as hypocrites and their intentions to boycott VOID.. but people may already be doing part of what is really considered impossible in modern life and YET live on :) Will be coming back with a clearer picture of what is running up in my mind ;-)

hi, i totally agree wit u,really we r like hypocrites if we do not boycott it in true spirit,its an eye opener article,i jst could nt add to it anything coz tis is wat infact i have 2 also say...

Submitted by Vineet (not verified) on Mon, 19-May-2008 - 16:42


A simple mantra for adopting Swadeshi. Boycott all the zero-technology products like soaps (HUL, P & G, Reckitt Benckiser etc), detergents, salt, Coke, Pepsi, hair oil, footwear (Bata, Reebok, Nike, Adidas), clothes etc. No harm in buying high-technology products like mobile phones, other electronic stuff, cars, computers etc. The above mantra is being propounded by Swami Ramdev and is going to severely affect the bottomline of companies like HUL, Coke, Pepsi, Bata etc. We might also see more efforts to denigrate baba as a result, given the powerful lobby of these companies. Personally. I feel that much of our perception regarding the 'good' quality of MNC products like soap, toothpastes etc are based on the big money spent on the advertising of MNC products, and our own discomfort with saying that we use, say a dant-manjan, to our peers (many of whom are deluded souls like us). Also encouraging only high-tech MNC's makes a whole lot of sense. This model will lead to the entry of high technology into the country and prevent national money from going outside the borders of the country. True, that a lot of low-tech MNC's create employment and some money is distributed within the country, but the greater share definitely is repatriated with the home country of the MNC. Also the vaccuum created by the demise of these low-tech MNC's will be quickly filled by Indian companies.