Are we obsessed with Americans?

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 22-Jan-2009 - 14:32









Looking at the recent coverage of American Presidential election and the swearing in or Obama in the Indian Media (not to forget the table top discussions that have Obama as the buzz word), will it be fair to say that Indians in general are obsessed with Americans?

Submitted by Jayesh on Fri, 23-Jan-2009 - 00:31


I have gone through all the major countries website, you will find the headlines only be OBAMA. It's a temporary nature of news channel, It will also go as others..;)

Submitted by rmourya1 on Wed, 28-Jan-2009 - 19:44


Sadly maybe yes.. And guess its just due to the fact that we are so depended on this country and because its a superpower and controls so many events....



Submitted by Lisha on Wed, 28-Jan-2009 - 21:01


I think this is how it has been for a long time. Anything foreign has always caught our attention more than anything happening in our own country.