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What kind of a Worker are you

Submitted by rajat on

I never fail to get amazed with the variety of things that contribute to a person's motivation for a work. Two things that I particularly find interesting (And you know you don't talk about compensation as a motivator on this site) are

  • Nature of Work Itself
  • The Cause Behind The Work

Both of these things are powerful. Both of them are major motivators. Yet, I thought it will be interesting to hear personal takes on them.

What do you do when you are angry?

Submitted by rajat on

There are times when you feel you have had enough of the non-sense and anger seems to dominate the emotions. What is it that you do then? Playing with my anger for a while now, I wondered how other people respond to anger.

Some related discussion ideas that come to my mind are: - Is it okay to be angry at all? - Why does someone get angry? - Can anger be good at times?

As a common man, what is it that any Individual can do for the Nation?

Submitted by rajat on

Every individual has the ability to bring in Revolutions, but it is just that we do not want to act. A recent comment which was posted on topic What is the most important issue that India faces today? said, everyone is waiting for a Messiah.

So what do you think, that you can do for your Motherland being the common-man you are?

What is the most important issue that India faces today?

Submitted by rajat on

In recent days, the newspapers are brimming with happening news. I gotta hear about UFOs and of Kashmir, about Bombs and Scandals, I heard about Bunds and about Demand for States, and someone speaks about Kabul and also about Nuclear Deals.. And yes not to forget the singers who are no more and the OSO cases..

I was wondering if we really cadre about all of this. If we really have any opinion other than on the lunch tables.

Are the recent protests throughout the nation against the hike in fuel prices justified?

Submitted by rajat on

International Price for a barrel of crude has shot upto $135. The Indian PSUs were being pressed beyond limits to maintain their costs. The fuel price hike seemed inevitable. Once it is in, so are the protests across the nation. Are they justified?