Are you happy with last year's progress?

Submitted by rajat on

It is the time of evaluation of what has/hasn't been achieved in the previous year. Please share your experiences....

Submitted by Lisha on Fri, 09-May-2008 - 22:00


I have been a part of Sankalp for a few months only.. And, I feel, all the things we have taken up have been a great learning experience. There has been a great amount of learning and improvement in the way we take up activities and fulfill them.

But there's one thing I've learnt..There will always be a better way to the things we did. Image removed.

Hoping for better things!!! Image removed.

Submitted by rahul (not verified) on Mon, 12-May-2008 - 00:10


I guess no one will be sad after completing their work in Sankalp.. All the things may not have worked out as planned but at least we did our best in accomplishing it. That itself is a great feeling and is enough to make me happy but not satisfied.. We are raring to go and in the process make the answer to this question an obvious one by the work and it's results..

Submitted by lalithgparmar on Wed, 14-May-2008 - 14:11


It has been almost 2 years since i have been with Sankalp and the last year has been most eventfull!!

With issues coming up every often,discussions getting heated over issues and with mistakes made one after the other and rectified, it has been the most fascinating learning experience.....

We have been able to make good progress in various of our projects over the past year.But still lot remaing to be done

To see lots of Fresheres joing in to MAKE A DIFFERENCE was very pleasing ..

All in all we have a very long journey ahead to accomplish our TARGETS and therefore KEEP WALKING!!!!