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The Power Of Common Man

Submitted by rajat on

We often come across stories and news which fills us with gloom and hopelessness. However, there are times when we get to know about the efforts of some common people - the efforts which leads to revolutions - which leads to positive change. 

For Independence Day this year, let us celebrate this positive change. Let us share the stories of the uncommon-common people who stand as living testimonies for all of us to see.

Any question on Sankalp Finance???

Submitted by Jayesh on

I am starting this forum for all you have any queries regarding the Sankalp Finance. What are the source of Income for Sankalp? What are the expense Sankalp incurred per month, last year? Is Sankalp provide income tax benefit to its donor?

Feel free to shout your queries here...

Keep Walking...
Sankalp Finance Team

Why we won't able to acheive what we want...

Submitted by Jayesh on

You want to have your dream score card in exam but you fail... You want to increase our efficiency but you fail...You may want to maintain balance in your life and be best but you fail....You promise your self every time that this time you will achieve it but again you fail...

You target and strive for it again for again but improvement is not up to expectation. You have all resource and you may try your best also but then also it may not turn to result to your expectation...