Big Bazaars, Reliance Fresh, Mores and Fab Malls

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Big Bazaars, Reliance Freshes, Mores and Fab Malls have found some place around the corners of our streets.. and more are coming. The time is changing to pave the way for organized retail in Indian markets. What do you feel about these stores?

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 01-Apr-2008 - 16:49


That we do not see the need to feel anything about these stores :( This discussion was aimed at trying to explore the changing face of the society. Surely, this forum has failed to keep pace with the speed of life! Anyways, just in case.., I have a post in by blog that you may like to follow up: The Silent Death

Submitted by Lisha on Tue, 01-Apr-2008 - 21:00


Its when I'm looking around for a variety of things, I find the idea of shopping at these malls and other places good. Most of the things are found under one roof and easier to finish up with the shopping.

But then again, when there are more than necessary choices while looking for something, or when I see the big queues to pay up the bill, I find that these stores have just complicated a simple process of buying things.  

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 03-Apr-2008 - 14:07


Image removed. To a rich man they are shopper's paradise. The places to realise the dreams .. quick and easy.. From fresh.. clean-cut vegetable to the furnishings.. To millions of vendors on street it means a lesser bread during the evening meal. It means reduced income at the time of hardship.. To me, it means, the rich getting richer.. the poor getting poorer..