Blood Awareness Week in Sapthagiri College...

Submitted by Lisha on Sun, 02-Mar-2008 - 19:52

After about a year since Rakta Kranti-colleges was started, there was a breakthrough this week through Sapthagiri College. The volunteers put forth the message of blood to the students throughout the week, which was the "Blood Awareness Week". Please share your experinces about this week.

Did it open your eyes to the reality?

Submitted by ashwath on Sun, 02-Mar-2008 - 20:27


Not exactly counting as how many days were taken for RK to start we still believed in ourselves tat we could do it to the best so happen that mindset was there to work constraints wre a million..this semester it was all time high on RK to get a breakthrough as we all pulled up our socks to perform.m really happy on behalf of whole RK team to say we could pull it off and i firmly believe and wish that we continue our efforts in vision for a longtime..Saptagiri college i think was the perfect coll to start with since we had outstanding support from volunteers and admin office of college moreover with someone like shweta mam to lead us from front its jus the rite way we ve begun!!!! cheers to the RK team!!!!

Submitted by Jayesh on Sun, 02-Mar-2008 - 23:07


I was hearing about the preparation for this activty from more than two week like the skit and other programme in Saptagiri collage. Also i got to know thing went fine on the D-day also. Kudos to all memeber.

But i would like to hear more from team itself about their experience of the programme.

Waiting for more post here...

Submitted by chayan on Fri, 14-Mar-2008 - 16:21


believe me the whole last sem went in just talkin to principals just to convicing them n nothing seemed to work and only failures on our way..

with the coming of this sem we changed our stratigies to something more realestic n more convincing...

and finally a breakthrough.

sapthagiri coll was approached n the awareness week started wit a camp from them.

hurray for all the rk volunteers!!!!


the rk volunteers worked n prepared a smal skit n a small talk for wat was done the whole week in the coll.

finally the day came n all things worked on well..

wit a feedbacks here and there we are constantly inproving our work to approach other coll as well.