'Chak De' fever

Submitted by rajat on

Chak De fever is in the air and India is opening it's eyes to Indian Hockey..

Coincidently we have a small tab under "Hero of the Month" section of the site on the top right corner of the screen which reads Dhyan Chand.

I thought it fit to post this forum for people to share tehir feelings towards India's National Sport and it's God- Major Dhyan Chand.

Submitted by rajat on Tue, 21-Aug-2007 - 18:12


There are very few people in this world who live their lives in a way that glorifies each part of their existence. He is one man who glorified his parents, his village, his game and more than anything else, his country!

I am not a sportsperson. I am interested in sports very marginally. But when I read about this person and his life, each part of it made me look at that game in a completely new light.

His dedication and love for his sport is so immense and so pure that it will only be a heart of stone that does not get moved. The blend of Patriotism in him and his attitude towards his fellowmen.. all stand as an icon for me to look at, appreciate and follow.

I am proud to be born in the country that he was born in. I am proud to have known Major Dhyan Chand.

Submitted by Jayesh on Wed, 22-Aug-2007 - 18:11


"Are you same country where Magic man is" - this is asked to any indian during 193-40 period when he travel abroad. This was the glory of dhyan chand during 40's.

He is the most patrotic player i have heard till date.

Salute to a real hero and true indian. Image removed.

Submitted by smruthi aravind on Wed, 22-Aug-2007 - 18:50


I started reading about him when this forum was posted....n till now i dint know that such a great player has existed in india once.I was surprised when i read dat adolf hitler himself has offered him the post of colonel...but the best thing 2 read dan this is that he rejected it.

Thanx 2 chak de for making pple like me know more about hockey n da wonderful players!

Submitted by 21071989 on Sun, 14-Oct-2007 - 13:41


True that INDIAN hockey is getting at least some importance apart from cricket, specially after 'CHAK DE',but in a country of billion people how many athletes,golfers,swimmers,boxers,footballers do we produce~leave alone world class ~except the likes of Peas, Milkha Singh,Anju Bobby George, Baichung Bhutia or Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.