CTC Disha Publicity.

Submitted by amitsedai on Mon, 04-Feb-2008 - 15:37

Hello Everyone,

CTC Disha is an initiative to make blood search faster.It aims at connecting the best blood banks in Bangalore, and providing blood statistics of the blood banks to anyone requiring blood in Bangalore city when they dial (080)1062. 

It also aims at ensuring transparency among the blood banks , so that they show true blood stocks to the people. 

However, though the idea is great and is under implementation, very few know about this number. This is seen from the fact that- In Bangalore(Bengaluru) every 2 minutes someone requires blood, but the number of calls received by 1062 for blood requests averages to   4-5 calls per day.

We want this number to be known to the lower strata of the society , so that they benefit from this number.

We had the last publicity campaign on 13th Sep,2006 called Walk For Life.

This February , we wish to campaign again..

Please feel free to suggest any new ideas, provide information on any ideas provided like providing phone numbers to contact media, the plan proposal etc.

Following are the ideas

  1. Creation of a forum in Sankalpindia.net
  2. Blood Stock reports in local newspapers, local tv like TV9.
  3. Disha banners on hoardings when no ads are published.
  4. Dedicated Radio broadcast,if possible for rare blood groups available in the city.
  5. CTC Disha Posters on hospitals, stickers on phone booth nearby hospital and shops.
  6. Stickers for personnel,vehicles.
  7. Publicity Emails for Disha reused, spreading the msg to use the slogan "Looking For Blood In Bangalore. Call 1062" as status msg, using it as the signature. Sendiong Disha Wallpapers , bettering the orkut community 1062.
  8. Stickers,posters on prominent public places, local bus stops.
  9. T-shirts to promote CTC Disha.
  10. Smses. 

Submitted by tejasvi.adiga on Tue, 05-Feb-2008 - 19:25


while sticking stickers in shops near to the hospitals we can also train the shopkeepers to assist anyone asking for blood by giving them the number 1062..

Also we can request the person incharge of the yellow pages to include the number in the emergency section.. 1062 can also be included in the emergency section of our regular bangalore phone directory(along  with numbers like 100,101,102 etc)

Submitted by amitsedai on Mon, 03-Mar-2008 - 20:16


The phase 0 of CTC Disha publicity requiring visits to 13 major govt hospitals has completed. Phase I will include media partners and other private hospitals. Hurray!

Cheers!! Phase 0 success.

But we need to implement our short comings of phase 0 on phase I. More volunteers(mainly from the boys hostel who are willing to help us & go along with us just for the sake of masti) are needed for BMTC(Phase II).

We Need to start working upon that simultaneously along Phase I while we are in the hostels. Phase I needs even greater vision & planning. We need to have a proper helicopter view towards what we are doing.