Do you support the UPA governement for Nuclear Deal...

Submitted by Jayesh on Fri, 11-Jul-2008 - 14:59

You must have seen the news paper flooding daily about the UPA Government going with the Nuclear Deal. Do you the support the UPA going forward with the nuclear deal. Do you know the reason behind LEFT opposing the Deal. Let's discuss..

Submitted by ashwath on Fri, 11-Jul-2008 - 19:44


i d like to say tat i oppose the stand of the left..i m not for the UPA govt in centre but i support their cause for nuke deal..inspite of left s hue n cry over sovereignity issue certainly disturbs me coz now is the time wen v are facin huge energy crises and we should be more bent on life saving than face saving talkin abt sovereignity..leftist party has done no constructive work rite from its left opposin is jus a gimmick on political scene...

does ny1 have to say anythin..... 

 Can anybody put somelight on to what this deal is all abt..I only know that it has been talked abt from past 2 yrs withoutthe detailes i am not in any position to comment :)

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I am against it. These are the reasons 1. UPA is not making the proposals, the drafts and the other details public. Why? Am I supposed to just believe them blindly? How do I know what is in there? 2. UPA lied about the proposal to the IAEA saying that it cannot be made public. IAEA confirmed that the Govt of India can do what it likes. 3. This is too hasty at this stage. The Govt at USA and India both are going to polls. Signing the deal at this hour looks very fishy. I will support the deal if I know what it is. As for the left, from my perspective, they are a don't care condition :)

Let us say that it is good: The no one should have a problem telling everyone about it. Let us say it is bad; Then people will try to hide things. The governments is trying to hide things and doing stuff without taking it's people in confidence. So, does it make sense to believe that there is something bad and fishy about it?

Submitted by rajat on Wed, 30-Jul-2008 - 21:48


The interesting part comes in now when the UPA has proven itself in the Lok Sabha. Already the tables are turning. Recent News from USA talks about clean but NOT UNCONDITIONAL deal! Mr Singh, now time to face the reality! Read More: here