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There has been a lot of discussion over what should be the content of the hero of the month. This forum will help the developers of the HOM to discuss the ideas and the methodologies they employ in carrying out a research, consolidating and finally presenting a HOM.

The users are most welcome to request for their favourite HOM to be portrayed on the site. You must simply  put in a comment with the name of the person you wish to be seen as the next HOM.

I would like to see in a hero of the month a person i can related to. All the great personality that has been listed so far are people who are no alive today and who had not worked in today present circumstances. If there is a of today time like Dr. A.P.J Kalam i will like to know more abour him.

Other are:

Narayan Murthi

Kapil Dev

Any who has sen today circumstaces and emerged as leader with intrigrity.