Learning At Sankalp

Submitted by rajat on

People get into Sankalp India Foundation very young. And those who stay, find themselves sending an incredible amount of time doing things. Doing as in real world work! College is a place to learn and evolve. College is a place where our guys WORK! There is a raging debate in my mind (though I am clearly on one side of the motion) since a few days on the best way to learn something. Is it 'Learn' 'Know' and then 'Work'? Or is the best technique 'Learn' as you 'Work'? Can 'Work' be used as a better opprtunity to learn? Even as we know that different people have a different learning styles, as an organisation, we would like to have a work culture that grows individuals at the better than the nest pace. I thought it would be interesting to hear from people about this subject.

Submitted by Lisha on Tue, 19-Jan-2010 - 21:29


According to me, it is always better to learn as I work..There is a vast area of knowledge available to do anything..One cannot think of knowing or mastering all of it, before applying it to their respective work..

As far as the argument of making work better by learning beforehand is concerned, then there will always be many more opportunities to make this experience of learning the work and implementing it alongside count for the new work later. :)

Submitted by rajat on Fri, 22-Jan-2010 - 13:21


Id always prefer practical gyan. It is like a vary array of knowledge laid before me by the people who walked on this earth before and even alongside me. Each one was a master in their own way. Guys who did everything that it took to get what they wanted done! Then at some stage jotted it all down for future reference. Now, I know my road is not same as their. None of them do exactly what I do. And yet there are some overlaps sometimes. I prefer to start the walk. Find the questions. And then find answers. This way, the vast knowledge base is applied with the filter of relevance and need. The learning is immediately put to test, assimilated and thereby built into my own fabric. :) Wow! I tell myself. I learnt. I got things going. And I can move on! Think of a man on a solitary island with loads of gold! Think of a man having skiing kit on the beach. Thing of a man who has all the knowledge in the middle of the river not knowing hoe to swim. The vast assets a man may posses are of no use (as I see it, and sorry to those who immediately get offended by this statement), if one cannot make use of them. Learn as you go on. drink from the fresh streams. eat the local food. Dance to the countryside tunes. (Sort of getting a feeling that most people will think of me as crazy for the last few words. But it's okay. Some others will Understand:)). Enjoy the Practical Gyan!

Submitted by Jayesh on Fri, 22-Jan-2010 - 19:46


I don't think in today world of knowledge there would any one who think he should learn all before applying it. As stated in other posted "Learn as you go" is the best way out. Personally Learning bring life out of me. It give me a pleasant satisfaction when you learn some thing very new and apply it.