One year of CTC Disha

Submitted by amitsedai on Mon, 10-Sep-2007 - 22:12

It has been one year of our fight to revolutionize the blood banking system in Bangalore.One year to make a system which helps people find blood information at ease. Its the first Anniversary of CTC Disha.Its time for celebration and also to reflect and look forward.

Please share your views.

Submitted by Jayesh on Wed, 12-Sep-2007 - 09:43


I am associate with this project from more than 2 year. I have witnessed Evey phase of this project. Last year when it was inaugurated on 13th Sep i felt that our work is done. We had set up a new process, which we bring-the revolution in the town in next one year. All of us the status of this project as of now. If it has not bring revolution in the town but at-least its not dead what happen with most of the new process.

We can say we had neither pass nor fail in this last one year. We are striving.

Now the challenge in front of us is to how to agile this project in next year so that it become independent to survive by its own.

Now the real part is what i can do to contribute: With our regular work, without any effort you can contribute towards this project. To know how please reply to this comment.

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 13-Sep-2007 - 14:31


CTC Disha is a step in the direction of bringing in trasparency in Blood Banking. A person donates blood for the needy. But the blood bansk impose hundreds of definitions on this word needy.

For some blood banks needy means the person who belongs to a particular hospital. Fr some other the need is function of wealth and recommendations. Some have gone ahead and approved a sort of blood insurance. Give now and take when you want approach. Needy. A grossly misleading and false concept in blood banking.

What problem should a Blood Bank have in letting everyone know what blood they have? After all they say that they issue blood without bias! After all the donor who gave them blood wanted them to do this. But no! In last one year of working of Disha we have seen the most famous and reputed blood banks also provide false stock information day after day.

Shamelessly the same people approach the companies and HRs and assure wordclass service and transparency of operation.

Sometimes, I feel the vicious marketing guys who provide an excellent offer are better than the blood bank. At least they attach sn astrisk (*) and indicate what they truly mean at the bottom. The blood banks, not all but many, just blatenly break the donor's faith in them.

It is agonising to see this in a civilised society. It is agonising to see people assert their control and authority over life fluid - blood.

CTC Disha has been and will continue to try to bring to the access of the common man as much safe blood as possible.

Gods be with us - we will bring true transparency in Bangalore Blood Banks!!

Submitted by amitsedai on Sat, 15-Sep-2007 - 13:11


One year has passed since we started fighting this static system. When you are true and uncompromising God certainly hears you. After a year, I see a change in the system we had been trying to change for long.

This year the anniversary of Disha is passing without mich fuss. But next year will be different. Next year there will be a different story, I promise.

1062 will be better known for providing Blood services than ambulances. 

Submitted by tejasvi.adiga on Mon, 17-Sep-2007 - 15:12


I was mesmerised when i first understood what CTC-Disha(1062) was all about..

when i find my seniors working on it and trying to solve the problems they face in this project it really makes me happy that such a nice project is handled so well by such nice people...

i wish CTC Disha to prosper in the same manner and as Amit sir said a day should come when 1062 is known for Blood rather than ambulances..

Submitted by lalithgparmar on Thu, 20-Sep-2007 - 17:23


Its Been one year of CTC disha and I know how tough it has been for the volunteers incharge of this project to make it successfull.I joined Sankalp during the initial stages of this project.Although I was not associated with this project i could see the enthusiasm among the volunteers incharge to get it going..HATS OFF to them.Everybody associated with this deserves an applause...

We have a long way to go so KEEP WALKING!!!!!!!!!!

Regards Lalith Parmar Vande Mataram For Blood Call 1062

Submitted by amitsedai on Tue, 25-Sep-2007 - 12:45


Hello everyone,

This forum was intended for full participation, as a result for the celebration of one year of CTC Disha. Please feel free to ask any doubt, express any feelings(constructive) and suggest improvements for the better working of thisinitiative.

Feedbacks will be appreciated.