Our Vision for the Future

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Vision for the Future

India is a rising and responsible global power: Obama. All of us have seen the world change it's attitude towards this nation in last decade. From being know as the nation of snake charmers, from being known for poverty and helplessness, from being known for corruption and injustice - the word is gradually moving on to know India as the future leader of the world. When I think on these lines something inside gets stirred. There are people who publish videos about the hollowness of the Indian claims to be a superpower and are extremely critical and perturbed by everything that is happenning in this nation. The question I ask myself today, as we ask ourselves as an organisation today is what role do we have to play in this emerging new India.

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Our role in the growth of this country will be to strengthen the grassroot and accelerate the change. We will be the people who will work on the fundamental issues that stand in the way of our Nation and fight with the smallest of things which keep our people from feeling one with this feeling of 'strength and growth'. We will work - work to erradicate from our nation the smallest of things that may undermine our strength and growth.

Growth is an amazing thing. It can come to people and nations at a fast pace. But two things that should come with growth is inclusiveness and sustainability. When we say we are becoming stronger, we will mean to strengthen the roots, not just the magnificent branches. So, while the Tata's and the Ambani's usher India into an era where industrial progress is the norm of the day and growth (in numbers) is at an interesting level, we will work in those dingu corners where there is no charm of jhaving done something new - nor is there the satisfaction of doing something cutting edge - but there is the passion and the motivation to get the most obvious things - the things that ahve been taken for granted - right! Yes guys, we are there at the bottom, not at the top. We are meant to work where peopel have lost the charm and enery to work. We will fix the nuts and bolts that go into keeping the fabric of this nation together.

There may be a handful few who may find a reason in life to serve this country honestly and with the greatest sense of responsibility and purpose. But being a part of this small group is a matter of immense pride and honour - something that you can feel - only internally. Remember that your bretheren across the nation are working for the same goals. You dont worry about getting everything right. There are people out there. You just give in your best to whatever you aim at and ensure that at least that bit shines - the way it should. These small small units that are being prepared by blind selfless individuals for  the cause of their nation - will fall together and lay the foundation for the growth and the consequent power.

We have seen the world grow in numerous ways. We have seen rich affluent countries reigning over the world like tyrants . We have seen them use muscle to harass and subjugate people in other parts of the world. we need to safeguard our nation against such thngs. We will never want to be like them. In success we would not like to see world failure. Why do I say this here? The attitude that we people wear today for growth will be the attitude that this nation will wear when it is the superpower. We must remember to get things right now - in order to ensure that the nation stands for what is right at a later date. I envision a future where our nation will not be an exploiter. Where our progress will not undermine others. Where growth for us would mean happiness and fulfilment for our poeple and all the others.

We are the figmants of that vision. We are the stakeholders. We do the things right and the system is bound to move an inch forward in the right direction. The inverse is also true. It's a big opportunity for us - the young people of this nation. we stand at a time in human history when we witness the rise a civilisation. On the journey upwards, my vision is to be one amoung those who enable the way upwards - not just stand aside and witness the change.