Soldiers in Siachen

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There are around 4000 soldiers placed in Siachen , which is the border of India and Pakistan at Kashmir. It is also called the highest battlefield on earth situated at the height two-third of Mt. Everest. These soldiers stay there for 3 months at a stretch overcoming extreme weather conditions and temperature at freezing -50 to -60 degrees centigrade.

We are planning to send postcards to the soldiers in Siachen this Republic Day inorder to express our gratitude to our soldiers for protecting our land despite difficulties and keeping us secure. It is an effort on our part to provide an opportunity to all to express their message for the unsung heroes in Siachen.

Also, for all who cannot reach us for the postcards, please do post your message. We will take utmost care in putting your message in the postcard.

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Jai Hind

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I am not getting words to express my feeling for them. These soldier who selflessly dedicate their life for the nation. These soldier who some time without recognization work for out motherland. Just Salute to them.

-message from Jayesh Parmar



 The Soldiers freeze out there to make us enjoy the breeze out here . .

 Not only the altitude at which they live,  the  courage with which they live is also very high !

 Let us shed some ink, for the blood is shed by them !!

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My heartily gratitude to my brothers for protecting our lives, our borders, our pride, our honour and our future. God bless you and our country. Jai Hind   - Message from Manav Kant Gupta  Trianz Consulting

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Even though the land is not productive, our soldiers are there fighting two enemies
1. The enemity the nature poses
2. The real enemy in front of them

just to protect the ego of a billion Indians so that each one of us proudly say that "SIACHEN" belongs to us. Hats off to them.

-Jai Hind - message from Ramkrishna P Infosys

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its just amazing to see anyone having such a pure heart and true feelings for the country and noone just a soldier can have that . Its undescribable that how they decide or how it comes to one's mind to give complete life to the country.Leaving all the wordly possesions of life just to serve us and all the people who really at times dont care for their country . There are people who dont give a damn to the values of their country and without even caring for such minor things these soldiers do care for them. A true SALAAM to them , we civilians sometimes dont have heart to help whom we know and those people just give their life without knowing us even .No matter what the conditions they face , the harsh climatic conditions and other odd situtaions to live but they survive their and that too with full of enjoyment . I truly say to all our soldiers that they are the real GOLD of our nation.And we respect you all. thanks for giving us a platform to express our views .

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To My Great Soldiers........... My essence gratitude,pride and honour to all my Great Soldiers who are always ready to fight and Die so that the people of his country can Live happily forever. Salute to my Brave Soldiers. Jai Hind Shilpi Jain Trainz Consulting Pvt.Ltd