Time Management

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 06-Nov-2008 - 06:04

All of us have 24 hours a day. Yet some people seem to accommodate and do more work than we do, and manage to have loads of fun as well.

What do you think we can do to make the best use of 24 hours we have?

Submitted by Jayesh on Tue, 11-Nov-2008 - 20:26


I believe each indiviual has different way to deal with same problem. Same goes true for time mangement too. So to know way, which will suit you, is to just try to finish your daily task as plan but by the end of day look back what went correct and what went wrong. Where you didn't utilize your time and effort properly and improve it next day. Keep doing this feedback process for few days till it become your habit. With time, time management will be issue of past for you. Hope it help you...;)

Submitted by Lisha on Wed, 12-Nov-2008 - 02:35


Preparing a task-list each day, and setting priorities against each task will certainly help. But overall it works only when we plan and "execute" the list. We are bound to fail initially, but perseverance definitely helps.

Submitted by aurora on Thu, 13-Nov-2008 - 14:56


The best way is not to plan anything. Personally, no amount of persistence has helped stick to a plan. Keep doing things on the fly. Slowly but surely, all can be done and then there is the night, when the world sleeps and you can be awake to complete things with minimal intervention.

P.S. This is strictly a personal opininon and please, let there be no arguments!!

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 13-Nov-2008 - 17:31


You could either plan tasks over time or you could simply plan tasks over priorities. Your plan could look like one of the two indicated below:

Tasks - Time Plan

  1. aa:aa to bb:bb : Task 1
  2. cc:cc to dd:dd : Task 2
  3. ee:ff to gg:hh : Task 3

Tasks - Priority Plan

  1. Task 1: High
  2. Task 2: Medium
  3. Task 3: Low
The second one is not that widely used for planning time. But it may be very effective. Whenever you haver some time, you can go back to the plan and pick up a suitable task to be accomplished. This is good for those who have un-predictable engagements at work and otherwise.