What can be done on Republic Day?

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We all are taught the significance of Republic Day in school. But the question is, whether this day actually holds any significance for us? Is it just another holiday, an excuse to not go to work, maybe just a dry day?

Well, as I see it- on Independence Day, we recall our past; on Republic Day, we renew our pledge. A plegde to never let this nation down. A pledge for the glory of the cause. The essence behind the celebration of Republic day is not only to celebrate India’s sovereignty, republic, secularism and democracy, but also to feel proud of our culture, language, traditions, customs and religions that define India. I guess the Republic Day Parade is reflective of this unity in diversity.

Republic Day is a day to enjoy the rich culture, acknowledge people who gave this nation to us we so dearly call ours, and maybe derive some inspiration from them. This is a day running high on idealism, a day when we can stop cribbing and start acting.

On this note, let's spend some time and ask ourselves what should be done on this Republic Day?


Submitted by arpitv007 on Mon, 16-Jan-2012 - 20:26


I have an idea. Not sure how feasible it is, but we can go watch Republic Day parade together. I mean what are the odds that we all are so close to Delhi on the occassion of Republic Day again? Also i have never missed a Republic Day parade in my life, even in my college days when i used to watch it on internet. But have never got a chance to watch it live. I think the parade gives us a sense of pride and a look into our cultural heritage.