What excuses do people give not to donate blood?

Submitted by rajat on Thu, 30-Mar-2006 - 10:25

What excuses do people give to donate blood?
Please feel free to express yourself

Submitted by ankita on Thu, 30-Mar-2006 - 12:27


1> I have my exams after few days 2> I am underweight. 3> I have never donated before 4> i am scared of blood or needle or blood donation 5> i may get HIV. now adays its not safe to donate 6> my parents wont let me donate 7> my horoscope says that its not good for me to donate blood this month 8> i have to travel tomorrow. 9> one of my friend fainted after donating blood 10> its time consuming process n i dont have that much time

0> what!..I don't have any blood. It was the most shocking excuse i ever heard.

11> I have a very common blood group.

Submitted by souravroy on Tue, 21-Apr-2009 - 21:14


"I smoke. You patient will get cancer if he gets my blood." One of my classmates even said- "It's my blood. I won't donate. Stop irritating me!" I just smile then on his ignorance. 1 year later, many of the the lean girls of his class were donating. He came up and donated. Today he's a regular donor. I think the most common answer is- "Look at me. I'm so weak. I myself need blood.."