What kind of a Worker are you

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I never fail to get amazed with the variety of things that contribute to a person's motivation for a work. Two things that I particularly find interesting (And you know you don't talk about compensation as a motivator on this site) are

  • Nature of Work Itself
  • The Cause Behind The Work

Both of these things are powerful. Both of them are major motivators. Yet, I thought it will be interesting to hear personal takes on them.

Illustration: Lets say someone asks you to hold a flag and stand whole day just because it serves a very major purpose, will you be happy doing so? Or inversely, let's say (assuming you are technology lovers) someone gives you a chance to work on the latest cutting edge technology knowing that the work has very selfish and limited ends - will you still go with the work - mostly because the work itself is great?

Submitted by rajat on Wed, 17-Feb-2010 - 12:07


It is not a strange thing for me to dive into something that I find fascinating and enjoy pure indulgence. I have heard the music playing in the mind on doing some great peace of work. technology fascinates me, planning fascinates me, creativity fascinates me. I can safely say that I know what is it like to fall in love with a piece of work for it's nature.

Having said that, I think that is only the Number 2 motivator for me. Nothing which has a limited cause (in my eyes) manages to fascinate me enough to keep me going with it. Rather, most of the work which is fascinating by the nature of it is something that I just don't get into.

I am the kind of a guy who is happier doing what it takes than doing what I like :) Liking comes as a natural gift. I believe that this may be a contributor to my limited depth in many things I do, yet, I believe the deal pays off in the variety of things that I get to do - in a slightly better than the proverbial "Jack(ie) way".