What stops you from doing what you want to do?

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All of us have dreams. Packaged in various sizes and shapes, these dreams are a major reason to motivate ourselves to live on. However, converting these dreams to reality is not as comfortable as having them. I thought it will interesting to know what are the stumbling blocks, the retarders, the breaking points on the road to the realisation of dreams. It's just possible that we get a chance for some greater introspection and a small chance to identify and fix the bugs!

Submitted by Jayesh on Thu, 28-Jan-2010 - 16:35


First reply to this thread. Not expecting reply from many. It's not easy to reply for this forum. I don't want to give list of abstraction noun here. I will post my one weakness at a time: Patience: One of the biggest hurdle i see with myself is PATIENCE. I just could not wait for results. I had inclination towards the impulsive work where i can see the result instantaneously. Last year Jan (around same time) was time i started working on this and have improved a lot. I think one of the major learning of 2009 was BE PATIENCE. So now if you have patience, visit this page daily to get more replies...:)

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I will not try to address others here.. This is my problem and I need to FIX this... I dont know what my dream is... Short term, long term, what makes me happy, what makes me truly happy. There are a lot that I can choose for myself. Need a worthwhile Direction for investing my energy.. I have options I have one major choice that has been in my mind and I have been working on, and I certainly believe that can be my road to salvation. But I dont want to hurry... I want to become my own MASTER first. I would like to make INDEPENDENT decisions on my own. Then in wake of such decisions I will make the choice for my life. PATIENCE as Jayesh Sir said, is a virtue. I get swayed too often and I need to have a concrete thought process for myself. When I am fully convinced with my choice and I believe that is the only road I seek for myself.. I will make some internal changes for bringing the balance.. then I would go ahead focussed and without fear or want,because I would be going where I always wanted to be in. Music will seep in .. soothing my ears as I struggle through my dream. But I need to do some internal homework first.

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Firstly, I'm replying to this question with the understanding that the dreams or goals spoken about here are applicable to short-term goals (or rather objectives). So I think for me also its similar to what Amit sir has mentioned. But in a slightly different context with regard to choosing the path.

For me, even when I know what I want to do, a few distractions make me lose my focus. If not distractions, I could call these as small hurdles, which at the moment look pretty big and unbreakable and make me shift my focus to it completely thereby sidetracking the main dreams. By prioritizing my goals and working according to the priority list (with a little planning) can help me with my problem. Please suggest any more methods to overcome these "hurdles".

For me this two things work like any thing. Just give it a shot for few days and i challenge you will feel and see the difference. A small 20 - 30 of Prayanam with small concentration exercise can solve lot of problem. This 20 minute give you time to plan your day, prioritize your task, and most important to connect to the bigger picture over day to day hurdles. One of my favorite concentration exercise is "A Simple Breathing Meditation" For more detail refer to link: http://www.how-to-meditate.org/breathing-meditations.htm/

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One of the biggest inhibitors to the pursuit of excellence and goals is the tendency of a person to - self pity - blame others - disown the problem If something needs to be done in order to achieve a mission, it is required to an individual to take full responsibility for the delivery no matter what! How often have I told myself that I would have done such and such if the conditions were such and such. This is denial of the divine laws. This is denial of the strengths a person harbours. Taking charge and by and large the biggest move in the direction of accomplishment! If it has to be done, be prepared to do it - yourself!