Why are fewer Indians joining the Armed forces?

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Fewer and fewer people are volunteering to join the armed forces. The standards adopted by the army to select cadets are going down. The number of officer ranks without people is huge.

Something surely must be preventing the Indians for joining the forces..

What do you think it is?

Submitted by rahul mourya (not verified) on Fri, 25-Jan-2008 - 19:11


As aptly pointed out by the people who join armed forces,it's the pay package. The pay given to them is very low and hasn't been revised since a long time. Then obviously a young guy will choose engineering or medicine to army. Furthemore the sentiment is lacking..

i would like to add something to this one...the certain prob of fewer indians enterin in armed forces is not present when we talk abt jawans as such..india has always had an excess of standing army at any point..the prob comes when the post increases or i say of commmisioned ranks like brigadier colonel etc as compared to the risk and duty done by these pple they are not gettin thier due..quite simply every industry provides its own incentives for it to grow..so if such a kind of prob exists a solution has to be found out soon..we seen tat work in case of oil mining and public transport services in late 80 s..so why not to army..

I do not think money or pay is the reason of people not joining Army..Tremendous facilities are given to Army Soldiers and lots of benefits also..

The problem lies in the roots..It can be observed that mostly people from Army have their parents or family members associated with Army and they would like to continue the trend as its a matter of honour for th family...

Young Indians are not taking up the career in Army because LIFE IS TOUGH in army..DISCIPLINE is required and there is to entertainment and masala..

In this world of malls. movies and etc...very few people can maintain the discipline that is really required..Today's youth wants the life to be easy..They do not have the desire and the passion to be a soldier...They are also not fit enough and mentally strong!!

I have spoken to few soldiers from Army over the last year while travelling in trains, the one thing that I say is missing is passion for what they are doing!!!!

One more reason could be that of FAMILY...I feel the Govt should have additional benefits for soldiers who,lose their life or are injured while at work..The benefits that are given now are not enough... The Soldiers should be promised by Govt of India that they will take care of their families ...There should be well defined policies for the same

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Two main reason as per my understanding are: 

1, Becasue of lucrative salaries and life style young generation are getting attached towards metro cities.

2, Another important point which add is enviornment in which a teenager is brought up. As he grows he see corruption, selffish people and corruted politician fighting for money and power. Seeing this selffish people he too start feeling same and the feeling of self less service and for country get  vanish in course of time. 

Few whose parent are in army get positive enviornment and join army nad serve the country...

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In army there is some much excersie, so much of descipline, so much hard work that people donot wish to gets their hands soiled during this hard work.. you have to stay away from your family which bothers some youngters.  even after you become an officer you don't know when you can return home.. even when you r on vacation you are called back to work.. and also army is not for the lazy people...

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Even as the Indian Army is grappling with acute shortage of middle rung officers due to their mass exodus to the corporate sector, the National Defence Academy (NDA) at Khadagvasla in Maharashtra has fallen short of 108 quality cadets for its latest batch.

This year only 192 cadets turned up to join NDA, a premier joint services institution to train cadets for the three defence forces, as against the sanctioned strength of 300 for the batch.

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I personally think that this could be due to lack of career path and also family support. A lot of soldiers have to be out most of the time and the support to their family by the local state must be in place. This can mean financial grants to families and also special perks for family members to enjoy if their sons are in the forces. Any point i think is the lack of career path. What are the chances of promotions? Could be worth some discussions here ??